Why won’t it let me follow some people?

@Alexsandra probably coz they're on .social instead of .Scot. should still be able to follow somehow. Still working this thing out lol

@davi3j thought that didn’t matter 😮I’m so bad at this

@Alexsandra aye, it's just a learning curve for all us newbies lol. I was able to follow some who r using .social, but I had to enter my full username at the same time, seemed to work though, R u using an app or ur web browser, I'm using chromes on my phone

@davi3j using Amaroq app, maybe it’s that 🤷‍♀️

@Alexsandra could be. The mobile web version seems pretty easy to use. It must be if I can use it! 🤣🤣🤣

@Alexsandra If you click on someone's toot made with a profile that was on another Mastodon instance (many here were on the .social) and then moved to the instance, you can't see the button to follow that old profile.
Usually the profile should say "such and such user has moved to this profile", you click that and you will see the "Follow" button on their new profile.

@Alexsandra Here's an example of a user that migrated from to
As you can see the "FOLLOW" button is not there, but the app says the user has moved to another profile.
If you click on their new profile, the "FOLLOW" button will be there.

@Alexsandra I think it's a bug. I'm getting the same problem.

@dr_fudge @Nod64 on tootle now, mostly great, just getting occasional error message

@Alexsandra @Nod64 it does it intermittently on tusky. Shut down the app and restart it, problem *should* disappear

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