And they wonder why newspapers are dying. Today's question from the Daily Mail during the press conference on the Corona virus.🤮

A quite incredible tweet from Jackie Baillie this morning. She is absolutely delusional if she thinks for one minute that the Scottish people don't know EXACTLY where labour stands on independence. I wonder why she thinks they have lost so many members, why they have only ONE MP? Wakey WAKEY! It is hard to believe that nearly six years on from the referendum labour can come up with something so out of touch!

I see 'The Broon' is loose again, warning us that "Scotland may become one of the West's most divided countries." He's going to be giving a speech (again) about how to save the union. Organised by 'These Islands' a collection of some of the most rabid Scottish unionists in existence whose sole purpose in life is to thwart Scottish democracy. They are having their grand meeting from behind the safety of Hadrian's wall.😂

I give you oor next First Minister, please take him, anybody?

Social media is full this morning with Conservative Government 'infomercials' (propaganda) on how Scotland benefits financially from being part of the UK. Feel free to fight back each time you see an 'infomercial' by posting this in reply.😊

The 'Scottish' Tories are still banging on about this. "The SNP agreed that the 2014 referendum was a once in a lifetime opportunity." It's reassuring to know that they are this devoid of ideas! Pathetic.

Robert Peston thinks Emily Thornbury give a typically robust and 'amusing' performance at Labour hustings today. She said to loud laughter "I hate the SNP, what we need to do is not talk about how much we all hate the SNP." Hate speech ok if it's aimed at the Scots eh!🤬

Ah the "United" Kingdom, the mother of all parliaments, the gold standard in democracy. Deid as a dodo!

And the ginormous facepalm of the week award goes to.......... June Mummery!😂

Richard Leonard addressed the Citizens' Assembly of Scotland this morning. He set out 'his vision' for a Scotland that is equal, tolerant and free from fear - governed by a "Home Rule Parliament" which empowers our communities. Hmmm watch them folks, this is just another attempt at a democracy bypass for Scotland.

ust when you thought Labour couldn't be more out of touch with Scotland or come up with a dumber suggestion along comes labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy cheered on by ex First Minister and Labour peer Lord McConnell. I assume they mean the SNP voters too. Stunning!

So now that the Tories see the inevitable writing on the wall they have decided that democracy in Scotland doesn't work for them. This was Viceroy Jack's latest pronouncement at the weekend! It's time we cleared Scotland of every MP (6 to go), elected MSP (7 to go) and councillor, for make no mistake bypassing Holyrood and dealing directly with the councils is their next move. We can shut that down by taking council elections far more seriously.

Pamela Nash wants to heal the constitutional scars in the stopping Scottish self determination. She probably believes she could stop world hunger too if she could just stop Scottish independence.😂

Remember the Unicorn was broken off the Gates of Buckingham Palace earlier this year. They've been fixed.

Several attempts have been made to remove this from social media (twitter.) It is now available on Youtube. They shall not silence us. The more it's boosted the harder that is to do.

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