@arthurstramash very alarming what I read in the article you have posted a link too. I am not shocked at what I am reading, there is going to be serious debate after this court case.

A quite incredible tweet from Jackie Baillie this morning. She is absolutely delusional if she thinks for one minute that the Scottish people don't know EXACTLY where labour stands on independence. I wonder why she thinks they have lost so many members, why they have only ONE MP? Wakey WAKEY! It is hard to believe that nearly six years on from the referendum labour can come up with something so out of touch!

As a young man living in the Netherlands, I was struck by a photo I saw on a wall in a Dutch Museum. It showed thousands of Jews getting into cattle cars - there were only 4 German soldiers and none were pointing their rifles at anybody.

There was more to the story than I had been taught and it started a lifelong study of life in Germany leading up to the war from about 1930.

The similarities in the UK right now are startling - be of no doubt of the direction Westminster is taking us.

Social media is full this morning with Conservative Government 'infomercials' (propaganda) on how Scotland benefits financially from being part of the UK. Feel free to fight back each time you see an 'infomercial' by posting this in reply.😊

Anyone else feeling like a stranger in a strange land this morning?

1/7 The speech Scots really needed to hear from the First Minister: To the editor of The Glasgow Examiner, 1845. “Letter on the necessity of dissolving the Union between England and Scotland, and on restoring Scotland to her ancient supremacy as an entire and distinct nation.”

@Bugger_le_Panda well... they do have seats in the House of Lords, so it is pretty important in my opinion that they not be bigots.

In their latest pronouncement on human loving, the bishops of the Church of England seem to have declared marriage in the Orthodox churches (who don't use marriage vows) null and void.

Am trying to decide whether the C of E being beastly to opposite sex couples in the same way as it is beastly to same sex couples is a step forward... what jerks.


@Ken_McNaughton Gordon Kemp is has been tireless since 2014, so this looks very positive. His niche is making the argument from a business point of view. Impressive presentation of the materials, imo.

On second thoughts, I not only hope Nandy doesn't quit, I hope she becomes Labour Party leader, which means the party will lose more votes in Scotland.

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"Then the Guardian found a Counter Terrorism Policing guide to the signs and symbols used by various groups. Alongside terrorists and violent extremist organisations, the guide listed Greenpeace, XR, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, CND, the Socialist party, Stop the War and other peaceful green and left organisations. Then the newspaper discovered that City of London police had listed XR as a “key threat” in its counter-terrorism assessment." theguardian.com/commentisfree/

Supermarkets are price driven as the price, not quality is the driving consumer model. This is generally not the driver in France and many other northern EU economies.

On Marr Murray claiming Labour can't win in a UK election if they're not successful in Scotland. So labour need our support to impose rule on England but will beat fuck out of us if we want to rule ourselves?

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