Does anyone know about this? I've tried to share the link on mastodon & for some reason it's not working. No idea why, so we're stuck with a screenshot (from the hub)

@james_tweedie ahh that worked perfectly thanks. I don't know why it never worked when I done it. I've shared things from the hub before with no issues 🤷‍♀️

@Humanistforindy @james_tweedie
Isnt there domething happening in Edinburgh on the 1st February ?

@CameronianBaby @james_tweedie I will try to get to that one but with work & everything it's hard. But I definitely can't make it to the one on Friday. Hopefully others will manage to attend.

@Humanistforindy @CameronianBaby @james_tweedie same, I highly doubt I can do Friday, unless a miracle happens but I have every intention of being there on the 1st.

@CameronianBaby @Humanistforindy @james_tweedie I don't work Friday's, but I have a crisis situation with First Born, I need to get that sorted before she screws up her entire future. Damn kids.

@EverFool @Humanistforindy @james_tweedie
I know its a Demo on the 1st, but isnt parliament closed, as in parliament not in session.
Which begs the Q, why then & not on day of FMQ's, at least that would get you some media coverage.

@CameronianBaby @Humanistforindy @james_tweedie I'm seeing it more as a wake, the day after being unceremoniously dragged out of the EU.

@EverFool @Humanistforindy @james_tweedie
I'd rather have it during FMQ's at least we'd get more than a passing remark by our media.
Not to keen on wakes myself.

@CameronianBaby @Humanistforindy @james_tweedie I do agree, that it's not the best timing for exposure, but it's a significant date to mark.


@EverFool @Humanistforindy @james_tweedie
Yes its a significant date, and just unfortunate it falls on a Saturday. Also because of the factor, will prob attract more ppl than it would a week day.

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