So what's the best Android client for the Mastodon Scotland server?

@DrInterpreter in my opinion it's toss up between Fedilab and Tusky,

@DrInterpreter Fedilab is updated very regularly and, I think, allows access to far more fediverse sites through the app.

I think Tusky looks and behaves better. There's Subway Tooter which I've not used as Tusky does the job for me.

Try them out and see what you think 😃

@athairbirb Great. I shall. I take it thru are both really secure?

@DrInterpreter I'm unsure tbh, both can be used with 2FA on your account. I found Fedilab easier to use on that account as I've got Firefox as my default browser and something wasn't gelling with Tusky there.

Both are without trackers:

Can't help much more on that though :) I hope it's useful anyway!

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