Unique hand made fire burners made by my son in law, Jamie. Making others to sell if anyone interested, contact Siobhan Carswell (mrs_carswell19) on fb for details and costs, circa £150

I don't need Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to make the case for independence.
I've got Boris Johnson and the Tories making a fine job of that already.

Better the uncertainty of becoming an independent country, than the certainty of remaining in the UK.

Sussed out to stream TV/movies on iPhone
1. Using internet search and down load appvalley.vip to phone.
Go into settings,general,profiles,device man. find appvalley app and trust it 2 times.
2. Open appvalley app, search for movieboxpro app and download. Enjoy.

For those looking for options from Netflix, Amazon and other pay per view services for android, fire sticks. There are a number of free apps such as bee TV, titanium TV, catmouse, cinema hd, tea TV, TV Zion and viva TV to name a few. Just Google and download apk files and install
For live TV channels you can use modbro or live net TV, again Google and download apks. Just need decent wifi or data package.

'It’s guff that Scottish education is terrible'
Scottish education directors publish dossier in bid to challenge the narrative of failure in Scottish education: tes.com/news/its-guff-scottish

Next time someone tells you the Scottish NHS is abyssmal, show them this

New account on Mastadon from Robert Miggens. AKA Bob(Boswell)

Just read the queen of England has just given her entire staff a Christmas bonus.......a whole 6 quid Tesco voucher.

Hi guys. I film indy stuff. Goan gie us a share?

So, this is a bit of a hobby of mine.

When I'm at work I sit and "doodle" normally pictures of me and ma dawg. Sometimes something a bit more serious (the homeless pic)

I don't sell them, I post them up on my village's FB page when I do the weather / road report in the morning. Or on my own instagram page.

I see mastodon as something quite extraordinary and wonder if the people on mastodon.scot would be interested in seeing these as well.

Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 😍
Rails filled with jumpers, jackets, scarves, boots and shoes for the homeless.
Kindhearted Scots make Scotland
If you can donate please make your way there and pass this message on.

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