Costs from Police Scotland for policing Glasgow marches.

(a) The AUOB march (11/1/20). £57,124.00

(b) The Boyne parade (6/7/19). £125,852.96

(c) The Cairde Na Heireann and (IRPWA) parades (7/9/19). £176,439.00


Oan this day, raise yer gless n' sing-along-a-Maddy. (If this dusnae gie ye goosybumps yur nae Scottish.)

Hiv ye a' seen this? Dinnae ken whurr it wis taken, but ra stuff deserves a boycott. (Ah micht stert suppin' it jist s ak kin gie it up in protest.)

Guy threatening to jump off the Tay bridge.
"Think o' yer weans," I shout.
"I don't have any," he replies.
"Think o' yer wife."
"I'm not married."
"Scottish Independence is close."
"I'm English."
"Go oan, jump ya bastard."

Whit dae ye ca' a Scotsman walkin' up his gerdin path?


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When Capitalist billionaires die who inherits their Tory MPs.

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Looks like the Tories have released a new calendar... 🤣

How many arrests? (Asking for the Unionist community.)

Ah dinnae want to speak to soon, but weather-wise it looks like the guy upstairs is oan oor side.

Hope it's pishin' on Unionists everywhere.

BREAKING NEWS: Brenda hangs enormous banner over the balcony of Bucky Hoose which reads: "Let's Get Megxit Done".

BREAKING NEWS: Brenda announces that 15th to 17th January will be the three days of mourning in englandshire following Mrs. Simpson's car accident next Tuesday.

The Herald is tweeting that tomorrow's rally is off due to weather concerns. IT IS NOT. The speeches are off, aye, but the march is still ON. We're nae skairt o' a wee dod o' rain.

In ‘Saints and Sages’, James Joyce first expressed the opinion reiterated in 'Exiles' that ‘If Ireland is to become a New Ireland she must first become European ... Some day we will have to choose between England and Europe’ (E 57). Sound familiar?

Brenda: "Have you thought about poor Archie in all this?"

Harry Hewitt: "Who the f---s Archie?"

Hosting a Greek wedding tomorrow night - just got a right good bargain on Harry Hewitt & Mrs. Simpson commemorative cups and plates.

Anyone ken wherr ah'd git a SNP/Yes/AUOB gowf brolley?

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