@GraemeBerry @Nod64 I'm told I have an Instagram account, by my kids. And I have WhatsApp as a back up for one particular friend in Athens who hyperventilates if FB goes down and she can't get hold of me. I found the "off Facebook activity" page today. It was an eye opener. 349 companies/pages had given FB info on me.

OK #TwitterExodusScotland - waiting in #TwitterExodusCymru and/or #TwitterExodusWales ....

Please check out mastodon.scot - you can move your account there if you haven't found it already!

@GraemeBerry @Nod64 with Instagram and WhatsApp being under the Facebook umbrella, I'm loathe to use any. My plan to become a cave dwelling hermit keeps being vetoed though.

Hello! We've upgraded to Mastodon v3.1.0rc2 which fixes the thing that confused us when upgrading to v3.1.0rc1 yesterday.


Would be good to set up one or more toots with links to the main nationals (preferably English language version) of European countries.
Also on twitter.
This then provides quick and easy references.
Will be in Austria from 1st so will see what their news are saying...

@EverFool @GraemeBerry I only really use FB on my computer, to stay in touch with family. I have messenger on that as well, because I refuse to have it on my phone, as it's too much of a battery hog.

@GraemeBerry @Nod64 I'm at the point today where I am about to delete messenger and delete the FB app off my phone and log in through my browser for the few things it has any use for these days.

My only issue being, everyone uses FB messenger to contact me 🙄

can you do me a huge favor and tell our twitter folks i am on here now? i got suspended yesterday and every account i tried to make was instantly suspended as well. so, here i am... thanks so much

after the 800th incarnation of my twitter account was suspended yesterday (absolutely zero reasons given), i have moved over here. i have no clue what i am doing, so bear with me. also, bernie sanders is our next president.

"The campaign to secure Scotland’s return to the normal status of an independent nation has reached a critical tipping point in my opinion." sputniknews.com/columnists/202

There's so many English MP's commenting on Scottish politics now that I'm sure their constituents must be wondering if they're ever going to get on with their day jobs.

@Yes2020 Looking at it, you should be able to install Linux. It's just a bit painful, as you'll have to change some BIOS settings for it to work. These new laptops have a Secure Boot "feature" - (read making it hard for end users to move away from windows) which you'll have to change some setting on to get Linux working, once it's installed.

“The map also shows Syria’s Golan Heights — annexed by Israel in 1981 — as part of the state of Israel. The Trump administration recognized Israel’s ‘sovereignty’ over the region last year, despite it being illegal under international law.”

@mreuroscot said it all along,twitter storms are bloody useless,99% against the 1 % will always work

Put on hold trying to install Linux on my Aspire ES 15, many have tried, the work round solutions don't work for me. So using a USB stick and bionicpup64 OS. Trying Pale Moon as the browser and start.me as a homepage. Mastodon has been the catalyst for this to happen, still with G suit.

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