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Hey all of my new people
I’m passionate about and also and - if you want to chat a bit about I’m always up for that. You can take small steps to reducing your impact on climate change by switching to a company such as Octopus Energy and having a fitted. They detected my gas bills were far too high and sent me out a FLIR thermal camera to find heat loss -

Had higher hopes for Storm Ciara, disappointed my electricity didn’t go negative

Electricity related toot - cheap electricity today thanks to renewables :)

Got a bit cold there. Heat pump now working again and we are in business !

“Green Homes Network member Mr Case joins us to discuss what motivated him and his family to live more sustainably. We’ll look at what improvements he made to the family home and the support he received from Home Energy Scotland. We’ll also find out what other steps the family took to reduce their carbon emissions and energy bills . “ Thurs 30th Jan 1-2pm online webinar - sign up free -

“Broadcast media” wonder if I can explicitly decline any BBC interviews on the basis of them being state propaganda

Thank goodness for gale force winds - electric was super cheap overnight !

@GlencorsePB So, we are looking for all our followers and friends to help us get the most tokens over the next 3 months. Please note that one of the other groups featuring is also a pipe band, so please make sure you put it in the bin marked Glencorse Pipe Band. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you ! 3/3

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@GlencorsePB We are looking to use the money we receive to set up free after school tuition for primary school children. The money will be used to purchase practice chanters, drum sticks and pads etc. If there is any excess money, this will be put towards updating some of our uniforms and equipment.

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Tesco Bags of Help

For the next 3 months, Glencorse Pipe Band is featuring as one of the three groups in the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme in the store.
This is where customers are given a blue token by the cashiers, or can pick them up at the self checkout tills to put in one of 3 collection bins near the entrance to the store. 1/3

Founded in the 1970s we’ve been entertaining the people of Scotland for generations, we used to be a competing band getting up to Grade 3 and may once again reach those heights. At the moment though we are concentrating on providing pipers, MiMo bands and full bands for corporate hospitality, gala days, parades, weddings and funerals. You can find out more about us on

Okay okay please don’t give me pelters for sharing a tweet. This is close to my heart - if you are anywhere near please consider nipping in to Tesco to support Glencorse Pipe Band

Hello all - new to mastodon but very glad to be here.

Okay okay please don’t give me pelters for sharing a tweet. This is close to my heart - if you are anywhere near please consider nipping in to Tesco to support Glencorse Pipe Band

Over on the bird place people are currently losing their shit because a samba band is leading the all under one banner march

Just popped my head into the bird place - seems folks still tearing themselves apart over GRA and when/how indyref should be done. Nice to have a lovely quiet place here.

Oh well that scuppers that plan to wash the car today. Pressure washer is Donald Ducked and it’s too dirty for a hand wash.

Hey @trumpet I just wanted to say I hope you have had a good Christmas, and we haven't been too much of a problem for you. Thanks so much for having us.

Sun Elevation for Saturday, 28th December 2019

Science Data:
Min Elevation: -57.61 @ 00:08
Max Elevation: 11 @ 12:11
Sunrise @ 8:39am
Sunset @ 3:43pm
Length of Daylight: 7 hours, 4 minutes

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