It’s too late, though, for the very reasons given here, and put so well—namely, that US right-wing extremists have “revolutionary intent” (forming militias, stockpiling weapons, and maintaining alliances with white supremacist infiltrators) whereas American radical leftists have “revolutionary ideation” (Twitter gripes, virtue signaling).

Read more about dark patterns that use manipulative user experience design to trick us into allowing corporations to harvest and monetize our personal data.

Some folk a few years ago retraced the steps of the march to Nairn and back. 10hrs through the night, on the eve of battle 😬

Bit of news from the re-enactment

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Thanks, Tom Lehrer, for all your songs, and for releasing their lyrics early into the public domain:

Nicola Sturgeon has twice referred to Margaret Ferrier as "Margaret Covid." @OrTheWhale suggested "Margaret Carrier" would be funnier.

EFF has three interactive projects you can try right now to understand how surveillance technologies like face recognition impact your community.

Being apolitical is the privileged being political.

In case you were confused, it is an absolute embarrassment that a nominee for the United States Supreme Court was unable to name the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Not Going Back To Normal is a group project by disabled Scottish artists and writers. After months of work it's finally online (a book will follow later this year). I'm really thrilled to have work in it and looking forward to reading *everything* in it.

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To fend off antitrust complaints, Google has often claimed search competition is “only one click away.” Nope.

In reality, it takes 15+ clicks to make DuckDuckGo Search (or any other alternative) the default on Android devices.

Original tweet :

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