All these millionaire media types coming out in support of an institution that pays them handsomely - who'd have thought it?

I come from a different tradition, one that longs to see the last vestiges of Colonial Quay bubbling under the Clyde, but that's probably because I'm not a showbiz personality and don't understand the apparently wonderful accomplishments by the Beeb

What's the betting on the Colonel being appointed Colonial Overseer of Scotland?

I see that Mackay is the top story on the BBC website, not just BBC Scotland, but whole of the BBC. Anyone would think the Beeb had a grudge against the SNP...

The only way to increase support substantially is during a campaign. The Pete Wishart idea of getting it to 60% through gentle persuasion and then launching the campaign is pie in the sky pish. Let's get the ball rolling and galvanise the population. When we do that we'll win and very handsomely too

Brenda has given her assent for Scotland to be shafted, so she really shouldn't complain when we become a republic

George Orwell died on this day 70 years ago at the tragically young age of 46. Had he lived longer, he would have witnessed how prescient he was about the BBC AKA The Ministry of Truth

According to polling, Emily Thornberry has no chance, so which of the other four would you like to see as the next Labour leader? I do appreciate "None of the above" might well have proved the most popular answer, but I'm only allowed four options

Lisa Nandy appears to be advocating Scotland be treated the way Spain treats Catalonia. Once upon a time I was a Labour activist; I despised the Blairite, would be Tory philosophies, but I never had any Labour MPs down as fascists...until now

I was at a party in Leigh, Greater Manchester a few days ago. I politely made reference to a working class, former mining community that had always voted Labour voting for the Tories in the General Election. The mood darkened as Corbyn was repeatedly excoriated and lavish, glutinous was heaped upon Bozo. It further darkened as the SNP were labelled "trouble makers" and I and other "Scotch" were deemed disloyal to Britain. I said my goodbyes and fuck-offs and shan't be returning in a hurry

The Twitter timeline of Jess Phillips - where ignorance and madness combine

BBC news have just spent 14 minutes on millionaires wishing to enjoy "financial independence". It's nice to see they're focusing on the important issues and that there's no imminent threat of war or environmental disaster

I had a feeling 2020 would go off with a bang, but I didn't anticipate World War 3

Not a single Scottish walk in the Top 10 of Britain's Favourite Walks - how comically predictable. I've done all the walks in the Top 10 and they're nice, but there are plenty of Scottish walks that wipe the floor with them. Aye, I'm biased - of course I am - but I'm also right

Sir Jimmy Savile
Sir Cyril Smith
Sir Philip Green

And now...

Sir Iain Duncan Smith

Aye, fuck off the lot of you!

I haven't left Twitter just yet, but the way things are going it's imminent - bollocks to the thought police!

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