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Boris doesn't want Saltires at the climate summit in Glasgow. This should be our response 👇 😂

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What is Mastodon?

I recommend all new users give this 2 minute video a watch!

If you're wondering about us Scots. Here's a pie chart, that might help 😉👍

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Hi all. New here from Twitter and looking for like minded followers. Scottish Independence supporter and SNP member.

I tried to post a link (not to twitter) & instead it posted something from ages ago. I really need to figure this out again 🤦‍♀️🤣

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If you're new to the Fediverse, here's what made the platform work for me: aggressively following and unfollowing new people.

Whatever standards you've built up on Twitter for deciding to follow someone, throw them out the window. Follow someone because they made a funny or insightful post. Follow someone because their bio says they like pesto. Follow someone because they have a cute fursona. Anything really.

Following is free. And if it doesn't work out, unfollowing is also free.

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Hello everyone and welcome to our (many) new users!

Mastodon might take a bit of getting used to but we hope you’ll feel at home very soon.

We work hard to make this instance a safe space for our users. If you see something that doesn’t look right you can use the ‘report’ facility to let our moderation team know.

Happy tooting! ☺️

Hi everyone whose just joined mastodon 👋 or those like me trying to familiarise yourself with it again 🤣 it's a nice peaceful site (no trolls or very few) it got too quiet for a while though 😉 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

Boris inviting the Prince of Saudi Arabia to Glasgow, a city where the majority voted yes to Indy. Boris isn't welcome in Glasgow.

PM call with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia: 24 November 2020 - GOV.UK

That was in 2017 & we were doing more & more. Let's hope this continues after covid.

No it doesn't sound like oppression. It sounds like equality & this is an excuse for being greedy.

Hey folks,
how's self isolation going?
I hope everyone is staying safe 💙 does anyone know if we're clapping every night or just tonight. Seems odd just doing it once. Can't we do it every night until the staff get proper equipment & wages? 👏

Hey folks, anything been happening on here that I've missed? I've been so busy stockpiling toilet rolls. I've not had a chance to pop on 🤣

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Today my wife @daishin has to leave to go back to , to apply for a visa to come back here and stay with me. She's not allowed to apply while in the UK. Why? The gives no reason for the rule. It's cruelty for its own sake. And, as I wrote in this piece, we're the more fortunate ones.

On the radio a couple of days ago '2014 was a convincing win for the no vote.' Yet again no mention of the EU ref 😡

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