It’s important that our users remember that is administered by, paid for and moderated by private individuals as a labour of love.

Moderation decisions might be unpopular but they are final, and they are binding. Please be respectful of these decisions.

@trumpet use are doing a great job, thanks again for deleting the spam I recieved, I was very impressed by the speed of your response & without me informing use. Well done 👏

@Humanistforindy Honestly I’m scunnered, spent most of my Xmas weekend arguing the toss with people over why we had to moderate their posts!


@trumpet kindness & thoughtfulness for other users needs to be priority. It's what appears to make this such a welcoming & friendly site. You have my apologies for those who don't understand that. Sorry if your weekend was ruined by them.

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@trumpet there's no reason why use should have to accept that. When use are doing a great job. Hope you know most of us value your input 💙

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