Is this true? Boris has banned Nicola from attending the climate conference in Glasgow, how is that possible?

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@Humanistforindy he said it on TV back during the election campaign, I seem to remember, not just NS but the whole of the SNP 🙄

@EverFool ok thanks, he didn't provide a source or any info to the tweet so I was left wondering what he was on about. Surely Boris can't legally do that though? They should attend anyway if he tries.

@Humanistforindy I'll see if I can find it, I have no idea where it was, but I def remember seeing it.

@EverFool great, thank you very much for this, I'll give it a read just now👍

@Humanistforindy She would not be a representative of the "UK" which a signatory while Scotland is not. [Insert swerry words here.]

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