It is a slightly gloomy day in #Assynt, as we consider the return of tourists in a month's time, and watch helplessly as campervans are already creeping in. We have no COVID cases here at the moment, and there are no facilities for campervans and touurists. And still they come.

That's the entirety of 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891), including full Appendix notes, now available to you.
The author, Charles Waddie, is a pro-unionist Scottish Nationalist, because such people existed in Scotland prevalently pre-World War propaganda.
I can't recommend this book enough to Scots of all political persuasions. Please make time to read it. It's so valuable for its information.

10th Article from the 'Scottish Review' - Early Scottish Burghs - evinces how Scotland was happy to encourage emigration to her shores in order that new skills could be shared throughout the population and commerce could be bolstered, from as early as the 11th/12th centuries.

Scotland's always welcomed everyone and been happy to adopt those new citizens as honorary Scots. Not much has changed 😊

My 3rd Great Uncle - thought I'd take a wee bit of time to seek out more about him.

Crack-shot, prize-winning marksman, with the 1st Renfrewshire Rifle Volunteers - he seems to have been some guy ☺️

About 17yrs ago a guy comes to my door touting an energy supplier or something & we get chatting & he comes round for coffee a few days later with a pal. His m8 divulges, with help from a Glw Uni dept., he's on the brink of creating straws that detect date rape drugs cheaply enough for general distribution. I always wondered how he'd got on with that project. That it's taken all this time for this article seems strange 🤔

Boris doesn't want Saltires at the climate summit in Glasgow. This should be our response 👇 😂

It's's 2nd Birthday! Thank you to everyone who makes this venture so worthwhile 😊

Not a bad bit of business...

In February last year, Connect Airways paid £2.8 million to buy out Flybe.

Yesterday, the UK government approved a £100 million bailout + a £106 million deferral of APD.

Who owns Connect Airways? A consortium led by Virgin Atlantic. Richard Branson helping himself to taxpayer monies again...😡

That’s just ridiculous. I got a seven day ban for absolutely no reason too. If it shows a Tory in a bad light then they have a full compliment of bots making complaints.

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