It's not unusual to see a crab in the seaweed on the shore!
This one is not welcome though.

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Most of the time my questionable Japanese is sufficient to get by most solo experiences.. today just before I headed out to fill the tank of my car, I slightly moved my server cabinet and my DB server went down.. flustered with having had to do an emergency resuscitation my brain was not yet engaged in Japanese when I got to the filling station..

Instead of saying “mantan onegaishimasu”, “hai, genkin de”.. which means “please fill the tank”, “yes, paying with cash”.. I said “genkan onegaishimasu”.. “entry hall/vestibule please”..

.. thankfully it was the same lady that always deals with me so she politely ignored my blunder and filled my tank anyway.

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I dreamed last night that there was a delicatessen called @ in the Oxfordshire village of Charlbury.

And I was trying to help it with a legal case to trademark the name @.

So I enlisted friends who claimed they'd been using the delicatessen for many years, which somehow proved it had a right to the symbol as its name and the internet didn't. 🤷

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The joys of mail order shopping from Scotland.
There was me trying to use independents as well

Email received today...after having my order accepted yesterday.

Thank you for this order. We apologize, we are not able to ship this order to Scotland at the moment due to the high shipping cost and the long delivery time.

We will be refunding this order.

Kind Regards

Tina Rota
Fruity Cables Sales Team
Tel:  0845 367 8050

The latest edition of @richardosman books has hit the shelves 🤓
I love it when I "forget" a pre-order!
Thank you @Waterstones and @Royalmail
None of these people are in the Fediverse, but I want them to feel welcome when they arrive 😄

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Here's a good answer to "What you should do if there's nothing you can do?"

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Spectacularly selfish parking in Inverness.
It's people like this that are the root cause of everything that is wrong with the world.

Have I taken my frustration too far there perhaps? 😛

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Proving the value of determined shopping around today I managed to save around £40 on a battery for my mini UPS today.
Even the mighty Amazon, my last port of call usually, but the one that comes through with postage to the Heelands, was more expensive than my eventual supplier.
Most places wouldn't send to my postcode or there was a surcharge to compensate for the extra charges levied "by the couriers"
This made a £23 battery cost between £50 and £60.
I got it eventually for £28.74. :)

Thought I had found another exotic fungus or egg deposit
Close inspection, including a taste test, reveals this to be polystyrene!

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I see there's standing room only on the Stornoway Ferry today.

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giving a kitty baths? (boosts encouraged) 

i have a kitty who is getting older and she's having a hard time cleaning herself in certain places - it's causing her a lot of stress and she's over-grooming now in certain areas. id like to start giving her regular baths in addition to having been brushing her a lot more often. any advice on this? products, other stuff to help it be less stressful for her, etc. - thank you!

It's 'that' time again
What do the Daddy long legs get from perching on glass anyway?

The Minch is a millpond today!
Most concerning and usually means we are in the eye of the storm. cid just be some nice settled weather 😬🤔

First day off for a week, it's bread day!
2 Gluten free oat breads, one topped with oats the other with poppy seed.
These will be sliced and frozen to preserve their loveliness.

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