I have to admit that I use Google Translate a lot for checking my sentences in Gàidhlig. Now I found an alternative front-end for Google Translate, serving as a free and open source translator for a whole raft of languages. You can even host it yourself: Lingva

The official instance is

More information on this github site:

#language #translation #googletranslate #alternative #opensource #lingva

Because language creates our reality:

On New Year's Day, a friend asked us to address him with different #pronouns. He/him became she/her.

Some acquaintances continued to mostly speak of 'him'. And to this day, they still stumble over 'she' and repeatedly address her incorrectly.

I (did) consistently use the 'new' pronouns. Towards her, but also when I talk about her. In my mind, I no longer see her as 'he'.

I changed my (and her) reality.
It didn't hurt.
You can do it, too!

#gender #trans

On October 30th, I turn 42 (meaning of life, yay!) I wish for nothing special, but I would love to get postcards from all over the world! 😀
My adress is
Rebecca Lagerstedt
Flintvägen 4B (apartment number 1001)
90740 Umeå

hi from hi tide. My wife woke up when it was still dark and saw a shooting star, then watched the sun rise. I'm having some coffee and watching the waves

Morning walk starting to get darker now as we love toward winter again.
Much colder too!

Happy 25th Anniversary! Join us in celebrating 25 years of community values, software freedom and friendship.



Facebook-owned Whatsapp being down is a reminder that you and your friends should probably be using a more private, non-profit alternative like @Signalapp anyway (or another open-source app of your choice).

It's just as free, and takes like 30 seconds to switch.


Still, I have not found any Indonesian people in this web. Please boost so any Indonesian can follow and meet me.

Partner, sitting on hold to Virgin for half an hour: it’s after 8pm, why are the phone lines still so busy
Me: you KNOW it’s because all the people who use Facebook for everything are phoning Virgin right now thinking their entire internet’s down

And Sutherland won 3 goals to 2.
A great game with loads of action and two stretchered off!
There was also a yellow card from the ref but, overall, a well behaved competition 😁
We are back home now to put our foster chickens to bed 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔 👍

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Some chat about it here:

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I've just watched the horse breaking scene from 'Monte Walsh', Lee Marvin's 1970 western currently showing on Paramount.
I've never seen anything quite like that in a cowboy film before. If you can track down a copy its worth watching for that scene alone!

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