And it doesn't even have to be electronics or devices either. There are lots of things that use plastic today that don't particularly *need* their components to be plastic

I.E. Here's a stapler with all plastic furniture replaced with bamboo

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And now the switch: If you're looking for a #GooglePhotos alternative, Nextcloud is a smart choice in the direction of privacy! @manilabulletin

If you have a younger budding scientist in the house, this RTE article on how Santa's sleigh travels may be of interest "how does the sleigh fly? And does it fly in a sustainable way?" Note the "minor issue" at the end of the piece.

Following a recommendation from a friend on twitter I have just watched Spy with Melissa McCarthy.
Had to wait until the tears of laughter cleared before writing this.
A seriously hilarious piece of work.

"Buying a Knockoff of My Own Dress: An Educated Roast (actual fire used for Scientific Purposes)"
This is laughable finding your own Made in China dress :D

My day gets off to a great start today by the bathroom light switch falling apart in the 'on' position!
luckily the local Chandlery provided the solution in the form of a new ceiling pull light switch, so half an hour of my time and a few tools saw me up and running again.

replying to someone on here is like throwing a little paper airplane note to them. replying to someone on twitter is like breaking in to their house with a gun

A short walk close to home at the end of what was an amazing day considering it's November.
These looked much better in real life as always but, hey ho, I do my best :)

Help promote #PixelFed & the #Fediverse by using your #Twitter account to reply to the people in this thread:

They’re all hating on #Instagram, so the perfect time to push an alternative their way. 😊


Following on from the heat Aubergine charring session, everything in the house smells like we had an indoor bonfire. Add to that the fact that we also had a little bit of John Dory along with the curry then I feel some open windows in my future
Still worth it though.

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