<singsPut the lecky off,
the lecky on,
off, on, off, on shake my network up,
we do the ony, offy and we turn around,
that's what a Gale of wind brings
'Your filesystem is not clean, do you want to scan it?, note, this may take some time!"
Thanks SSE

Breaking news from the land of 20CN broadband.
Must have thrown an extra peat on the fire today!!

A good photographer would have made a masterpiece of this hazy sun over Suilven!
Mine is just a snap sadly :)

Further to the new light.
It's ability to detect movement was severely lacking in the functioning department.
I contacted the company (Made in China) and...hooray, they got straight back to me, despite the fact that their web link leads to a dead end.
No effort was made to troubleshoot however and they simply sent out another unit!

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During my derring do in the wind today my little bike decided to let me know it was in difficulties by refusing to crank. Starter motor stuck!
Got it freed off and straight into dry dock for repairs :)
Who makes motorcycles without centre stands FFS? (Yamaha)
Starter out, cleaned, lubricated and back in the time it took to make a loaf of bread :)

take your passenger seats out and turn it into a bed now you can camp anywhere sleep anywhere you like free your mind! you dont need expensive shit to go camping

It appears that my excitement was misplaced.
Here we go again, last 30 hours have been rough.

That's nice!
I've ordered a new exterior light and they gave me a free screwdriver to fit it :)

Have we finally got rid of the carnage following the lightning strikes of the 12th January?
It's looking likely.
Note: those on proper internet connections, don't laugh :)
20CN is alive and well in Assynt

Our German neighbours are visiting their chosen Holiday home destination today here in the North West of Scotland.
They are flying a European Union flag on one gatepost and a Saltire on the other.
about says it all really!

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