Went for a drive last night in a fiesta van.
about an inch of snow lay on the high ground which is nothing to worry about normally.
However, this Van had absolutely no traction at all, no drive and no steering above 15mph!
a terrifying experience all in all.
Turned out it was running Summer tyres on the front and Snow tyres on the rear.
P.S. Not my vehicle and, I survived.

@Jkp we run on winter tyres, put new ones on start of each winter, yes expensive but cheaper than buying a 4x4. It confuses other drivers seeing a wee front wheel car having no issues in "normal" winter weather. Only issues when road turns into sheet ice and snow reaching bumper level.

@Yes2020 I agree 100%
always run snow tyres on my car.
I own a Honda CR-V which is only 50% 4 wheel drive :)
it's also very very old and I'm waiting every day for it's Swansong event :)
we picked it up cheap and I did a lot of work on it to get it up to standard...including replacing the hydraulic rear diff which works the 4 wheel drive bit!

@Jkp they are cracking cars, a work college bought an old one and they just keep going on and on.

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