A fortuitous sunbeam hits Ardvreck Castle and it's festooning of 'wild' campers :(

Not as such but rather misinterpreted. should be out of sight of roads public spaces. Add to that the fact. That the ground question here is a protected heritage site(s) of Calda House and Ardvreck castle and it's just very very sad to see this level of disrespect. The mess that's left behind is criminal!
But, I suspect you don't agree with me so hey ho!

@Jkp I've heard the pods craze being referred to as 'landscape warts', I think "wild" camping comes under that category too

Yup, we have a fair amount of pod warts also but, at least they have Plumbing!
Wild camping is what you do on a long walk into and out from a mountain climb.
'Leave nothing behind and take away only memories'
The kind of thing we are now seeing is a tragedy in the making and may well ring the death knell on freedom to roam in Scotland which would be sad.

@Jkp I hope that doesn't come, I don't understand the messiness at all. It's not hard to find a bin or take the mess home.

We came across some on the shores of loch ends recently, human waste and litter too. Super grim stuff

Yes and, sadly, this is a minority but, when the numbers are so big in general then the minority is a huge number of people.
Human waste with lumps of pink toilet tissue 'hiding' it no doubt!!

@Jkp wer if groups like VisitScotland are on the back-burner at the moment. Certainly feel like we need a massive campaign to prevent people leaving waste/litter.

Hopefully it'll improve with time

Agreed, or any investment at all in our case!
The only investment in Assynt for Tourism on this scale has been in accommodation and that seems to be something folk no longer want to pay for!
The roads are at Crisis point as are the verges and parking.

@Jkp Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable, I litter but my litter goes into a big hole in the ground for future generations to deal with. I am concerned then I listened to this

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