I would just like to pointbout that, by following the oatbread recipe more closely I ended IP with a much better looking result.
I think the difference is in the addition of the full tablespoon of xanthan gum. We had only been putting a tablespoon per four batch mix
Still only 5grams of yeast though where the recipe asks for 14g so a big saving there 😀

@Jkp Interesting - is it all oats/oat flour, or is there wheat flour too?

I use oats in my loaves quite a bit for both yeast bread and sourdough. With sourdough of course there's no yeast cost at all :)

Aha, someone has not read the entire thread 😀
My wife has coeliac disease and therefore we have to have a gluten free diet so no wheat flour. Hence no gluten so structure is an issue with bread. The Xanthan Gum clearly has a role to play here that I hadn't appreciated
Thanks for your reply, always appreciated.

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