Some have decided, presumably because relaxation of restrictions is now being discussed, to allow themselves a wee camping holiday in Assynt already.
Not sure how I feel about that but I'm certainly not surprised 🤨

@Jkp 😞 Passed a car looking out at the look out spot this morning, and then coming home the same car stopped in the road taking photographs.

Its all about to kick off grand style again.
I suppose it was inevitable.
We've become so used to having our peace and quiet back.

@Jkp I know ... I am looking forward to seeing folk about again, but I hope we don't have the nonsense that we had last year.

Unfortunately I would say that it can only be worse this year because folk have been locked up for a year and are unable to fly anywhere therefore staycation it is!
The roads will be chaos

@Jkp @withaveeay and I will have to get used to getting up early for the PO again, before the worst of the road traffic starts up at around 9.30am.

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