Flashed an s5neo with lineage 17.1 for a friend. He complained the volume was terribly low... scrambled through XDA forums, found a patch, flashed that. Then the sound was horribly overdriven! 😨

Just reflashed lineage, _and cleaned the mic hole_ and now it seems to be fine... will now lose sleep over whether it was hardware or software 🤔


@douginamug Its a bit of a rollercoaster flashing alien operating systems for sure.
I flashed a Galaxy S6 edge with e foundation OS which is pretty much Lineage.
The phone then lost almost all cell service.
I won't detail the things I tried to solve this and I still don't really know what worked but all is mostly well now 😁

@Jkp Ahhh! That sounds like a bug0-fixing spree!

Well, glad you got round it 👍

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