I've found a place where no other humans are!
Its warm, its shaded and it has a slow moving river.
Absolute heaven!

@Jkp what's it called? for no reason in particular, certainlynot to visit 😆

(dn't actually name it, place looks lovely)

@athairbirb Its part of the river that flows down from the Corrieshalloch Gorge outside Ullapool.
I was doing some engine cleaning on our not project and got a little bit too hot so went fro a cool off in the river 😄

@Jkp boat project? One that'll be zooming up the Caley canal at some point?

@athairbirb Well, I would have to sail it round and I know very little about about boatmanship as yet!

Skinny dipping is the best way to swim.
Local swimming pool got a bit tetchy about it though.

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