We have some new garden visitors, a Stoat family!
The video stops prematurely due to operator error, I thought there was no card in the camera!

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@Bella Today they were playing peekaboo with the Rock Doves around the feeder.
Obviously their lessons have yet to include stoats uses for Rock Doves!
The Doves, although irritated, didn't seem that scared?

@Jkp Because they knew that they could fly away easily? ๐Ÿ˜Š

@Bella I'm not really sure because, the truth is, they wouldn't have managed if the Stoat had been serious. It was getting within striking distance easily!
Perhaps there is communication going on that we mere hoo-mans don't appreciate!

@Jkp It's us stupid humans who always think that different species can't be friendly with eachother. Because we cannot ๐Ÿ˜

@Jkp Lots of stoats around at the moment, probaly because of the huge rabbit population. We're still nervous of them as it was a rogue stoat which killed our hens a few years back. Urgh, it was like a horror movie.
We can usually spot them here, because the little birds gang up and use their alarm calls as they follow them, perhaps trying to distract them away from nests.

@Jkp amazing video there! We had a stoat arrive last year, that we saw.

We had this massive boom in the vole population, so massive that the voles took to striding around like they owned the place.

Then the stoat arrived and for a solid week it was pretty brazen about walking around the raised beds and cleared all the voles.

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