So we had a full scale central heating/plumbing disaster last evening where a 22mm pipe union which had clearly been fitted badly when we had our downstairs radiators, pipework and boiler swapped around 10 years or so ago. So, although it did well, its obviously been leaking now for some time and I've been just topping the system up every few months.
Yesterday it lost pressure totally which started a whole evenings work!
No plumber available until way after Christmas so its DIY again

@Jkp best of luck! That is a total disaster, I hope it is easily fixed and doesn't need a trip to Shneck

@athairbirb Didn't have enough space to finish the story.
Managed to get the 90 deg bend off the pipe while all the while being sprayed with nasty smelly water.
Put it in my vice and persuaded the thread to re seat and then lubricated with some rubber lube stuff I use on my car brake callipers.
Fixed the dodgy pipe back together and re filled the system.
Spent the next two hours trying to bleed air out of the boiler so it would fire up! Much too difficult that!
All I need now is some inhibitor!

@athairbirb local store has no inhibitor so we are snookered. Have to order some I suppose!
Meanwhile my radiators will be getting eaten away 😱
Back to work tomorrow so not much can be done about that for now.

@Jkp @athairbirb I've got some 22mm fittings left over from The Great Bathroom Revamp in the summer, if that's any use, James.
I've also got a little bag containing The Words necessary when doing plumbing...

@withaveeay @athairbirb Thanks Stevan.
I was liberal with some choice words I can assure you 😄
I think my fix is a permanent one though, seemed pretty secure when last I poked it and, to change the fitting now means a total drain down again.
I'll bear that in mind for the future however. Are they plastic compression fittings then?

@withaveeay @athairbirb My entire underfloor plumbing has been done in plastic of various sizes. The mice love it! :(

@Jkp @athairbirb As you'll see the next time you're visiting, I decided to route all the pipework externally and visible in the bathroom revamp. Gives the place a steampunk vibe in addition to being ever so practical for maintenance. Hard to do that with plastic.

@withaveeay @athairbirb That would be my choice. I mean, who puts plastic pipes between a floor and ceiling!? Total madness.

@withaveeay @athairbirb Actually, come to think of it, as long as they are compression fittings I think they can be used on copper or plastic!

@withaveeay @athairbirb Just require an insert if used on plastic to stop it collapsing or something?

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