No idea why my computer is suddenly against loading mastodon!
Any advice or insights?
Not sure I want to monkey with my config.hosts file as advised!

@Jkp It's their computer that's misconfigured, not yours. Simply wait for someone to fix it (or contact your instance admin if you can).

@jon I don't believe it was me who out the www in but, I suppose I could have!
I'll try next attempt

@Jkp I tried from my phone both ways and hit the same error as you with www, worked without it, so I gather a redirect somewhere needs updating by @trumpet

@jon @trumpet
Indeed, as I have just discovered also.
That's odd, I've never experienced that before. I am presuming that Firefox put the www in because I certainly didn't :)

@Jkp @jon Hello! I don’t think I’ve actually got set up as an alias, it’s just not needed! I’ll check though…

@trumpet @jon Like I said, I've never experience that error before. Started wondering if it was some sort of malware trying to get me to mess with my settings :)

@Jkp @jon Ah wait I see what’s going on. I do have www. configured on the web server (wasn’t sure if it was or not) but this seems to be something brought in by a recent Ruby update. Will look into it!

@trumpet @jon Thats affirmative. I purposely used www this time and it works with or without.
Genius ;)

@Jkp @jon Yay! Does seem to be something new that’s been introduced, I did a fairly big update/overhaul of things like Ruby a few weeks ago so might have happened then!

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