That will be that then. 2021 dips below the horizon.
It will be a quiet Hog for us, only two in the house and one of them is working and may well spend the evening on the road yet!
A great deal has changed for everyone but, so far, we remain mostly unaffected by the pandemic. Others have not been so fortunate but, I suppose, there's time yet
On a happier note, I removed Facebook and found the Fediverse!
A very happy, safe and prosperous 2022 to all of you, followers and non followers alike.

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@Jkp Once again we'll probably be asleep come the bells, and we hope your professional services won't be needed tonight, James.
Have a good one.

@withaveeay We too also.
Not expecting any celebratory action tonight and, of course, no work!
Happy new year.

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