So, that was an extremely steep walk.
Worth it though 😆

Looks lovely,
Where are you ?
Sunny down here, but cold east wind !

Same here, sunny but freezing.
We are in Perthshire, St Fillans

Liked the view of the loch behind you, Loch Earn ?
Lovely country !
Closest I get is the A9.

When going to family is about 6hours drive, the temptation to keep driving is very strong.

We regularly say we should stop at.... Perth city and not just the "taste of perth" cafe by the main rd.

Pulled into Stirling once, went round the Castle.
Best idea I had for a long time .

@stannard Indeed, it's Lochearn. It's a nice part of our country which, like you and probably thousands of others, we don't explore nearly enough.

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