Here's the best of my collection of early morning walk sunrise pictures.

What chance have we got when even the Bank can't get it right!
Personal Identification Number

I wish the video playing issues on Mastodon would get a bit of a fixing session.
I still get this screen on the majority of video links I click.
Is it me or do other folk also experience this?

And on todays wander....Ok, I know, it's the same place but..different lighting :)

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Another snap taken during this mornings wander.
A pretty view over a frozen loch with an artistically placed passing place sign :)
I only got this because I spotted my wife setting up for a photo. I find it fruitful to sneak up behind and take the picture too ;)

We've been driving/walking past this wee building for decades now and never questioned what it was.
Turns out it's an old toilet block for a previous camping ground.
There's even an old swing beside it. True 70's class :)

Happy Christmas Fediverse.
Here is our Socially distanced garage meeting area.
Pretty wet out so needs mustAl

I would just like to pointbout that, by following the oatbread recipe more closely I ended IP with a much better looking result.
I think the difference is in the addition of the full tablespoon of xanthan gum. We had only been putting a tablespoon per four batch mix
Still only 5grams of yeast though where the recipe asks for 14g so a big saving there 😀

Put the old family hack to work today. Gathering other peoples wood trimmings to add to Mrs P's windbreak.
Not my trailer either by the way but a rather nice one as it happens.

A drop of local beer both in tonight's meal and in tonights Chef.
With thanks to @withaveeay
The brewer :)

My day gets off to a great start today by the bathroom light switch falling apart in the 'on' position!
luckily the local Chandlery provided the solution in the form of a new ceiling pull light switch, so half an hour of my time and a few tools saw me up and running again.

A short walk close to home at the end of what was an amazing day considering it's November.
These looked much better in real life as always but, hey ho, I do my best :)

Anyone know, or able to point me to instructions, how to post to my pixel fed account using fedilab please?
I have pixel in a tab in fedilab but it's not my timeline and, anyway, if I hit the pencil button in that tab it posts to like this 🤔

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