Thought I'd seen it all but this particular NC500 patron takes the prize for innovation. An en-suite tent!m

Family picnic overlooking Oldshoremore beach.
I shouldn't really mention its name though since it seems relatively clear unlike the rest of my country!

Got some lovely fresh eggs from @withaveeay this morning as we passed on our walk.
They included a bonus gift of a giant egg as seen in the first picture.
Usually these eggstraordinarily large eggs simply contain masses more white and a standard yolk but, not this one! See picture two.
The yolk was more than twice the size of a standard one. So, whichever hen laid that is to be well as sympathised with of course

We have some new garden visitors, a Stoat family!
The video stops prematurely due to operator error, I thought there was no card in the camera!

A short recording of the birdsong in my garden one night last week after a lovely warm day.
Can you hear the odd one out? ๐Ÿ˜
He's called Tinsel and has survived Christmas!

Also, in every secluded wee spot evidence of the invasion prevails. There were two major campfire spots down here by the dam. And, when I got home, right at the junction to the B869 in the Water board service lay by, yes, a camper van stooped with the residents barbecuing at the side of the road!

The campervan invasion is literally changing our landscape for good.
This block has been dumped in a small rampway up to a nice wee observation spot above loch broom at morefield brae presumably to prevent campers littering someone's ground.
I love stopping there on my bike but couldn't get in today. This makes me very sad.

Pit stop on the way home.
Coming up the A835 for variety and stopped at the Glas Carnach (sp) Dam
Hadn't noticed the wee road down the side before

Picture caption:
Picture is taken from the foot of a large dam which towers above the viewer. There are patches of some mineral or other apparently leeching out of the concrete all along its length

No visit to Dornoch is complete for a certain generation of West Coasters without a visit to Earls Cross.
Many memories, none of them good, but it's where I learned to take care of myself that's for sure.
Boys Hostel while attending secondary education at Golspie High School!
I an would have given anything to roll up aboard a 900cc motorcycle back then!

Who's this that's joined me for my coffee break?
A Crow perhaps? Quite a small one if so!
Very brave soul though, can a lot closer than that while the possibility of food existed ๐Ÿ˜

Picture caption:
Picture shows a small is black crow like bird standing in the grass quite close to the photographer.
There is a blue car and a tree in the background. Its a sunny day.

A bikers chosen Dornoch repose.
Decided on early lunch today. Got to start staining these lovely newly cleaned teeth after all.
Sadly Tusky is now crashing when I try to put captions on my pictures. Sincere apologies to those who depend on them.
The picture is of a pair if legs with biker boots on, stretched out on the grass overlooking some parked cars and an old Cathedral

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