Hahahaha, everyone is taking Martin Lewis's advice and submitting meter readings :)
Except me because I can't!!

In Perthshire your wheelie bin is area marked!
But then, if you live there, you already know that. 😄

Stella the Panda sitting outside our hotel this morning waiting patiently to transport us safely and comfortably, home.

Leaving for home again today.
Have to say though, there are some very nice properties around here!
Bye St.Fillans

So, that was an extremely steep walk.
Worth it though 😆

Current view.
Spending a day in Schneckie and catching a wee rest sitting on the floor in Eastgate.
Plenty of strange looks coming my way 😄

We had a wee personal storm yesterday. Don't think it had a name, if it did I'm not aware of it. But I do know it was tricky to stay upright!..see picture three, Mrs P having difficulty doing that :)
Anyway I took some pictures, of course, and here are a small selection of those

That will be that then. 2021 dips below the horizon.
It will be a quiet Hog for us, only two in the house and one of them is working and may well spend the evening on the road yet!
A great deal has changed for everyone but, so far, we remain mostly unaffected by the pandemic. Others have not been so fortunate but, I suppose, there's time yet
On a happier note, I removed Facebook and found the Fediverse!
A very happy, safe and prosperous 2022 to all of you, followers and non followers alike.

No idea why my computer is suddenly against loading mastodon!
Any advice or insights?
Not sure I want to monkey with my config.hosts file as advised!

The sunset yesterday was reflecting off the huge window of a neighbours house.
Some zooming and stopping down got me this odd picture. One of the others I took is also uploaded for comparison.
Just a bit of fun.

Was going to do a poll on this but...apparently..you can't add pictures to a poll!
So, the options were:
Man made?
I don't care!
It's entirely possible that everyone knows what this is but it fills a moment to ask :)

And another one arrives :)
I think that is all the significant Alan Parsons Project albums collected now.
I'll listen to this one later, it's all go here just now :)

Latest purchase from discogs.com/
I found a couple of notable gaps in my Alan Parsons Project albums collection. This is the first of them and the last one is already on it's way :)
This one, called Sterotomy, has an interesting sleeve design which is printed in tow colours with a red and blue filter sleeve so the user an choose the album cover for themselves , up to a point :)
There is no replacement for a well designed record sleeve! The music isn't bad here either!

Job done, time for a test.
I don't know if its the placebo effect but I would swear the Rega is sounding better than ever after this minor service procedure!
Peter Gabriel So

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This is what I mean about the platter being a tight (airtight) fit in its bearing. Drops down eventually if left To it's own Devices.
Apparently it means that the bearing, despite its age, is in good condition.

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Reassembly of the sub platter ( really difficult to persuade into the bearing with the new oil) and replaced the upgraded Rega white belt

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