And now ladies and gentlemen....

I have opted to try the De Googled Android from
And, since I host my own nextcloud server, I can link it with this instead of the free e account which is just a next cloud account anyway
All good so far, posting this from the new install.

A fortuitous sunbeam hits Ardvreck Castle and it's festooning of 'wild' campers :(

With reference yesterday's Toot re: the rooting and installing an updated OS on a Samsung S6 Edge!
It was the former :)
Here is Android Oreo running on said unit!

Today's adventure is 'Rooting' an Android phone!
Upgrading an abandoned Galaxy S6 Edge to Oreo 8.1...
Creating a Brick!

I just sidestepped Amazon to buy some writing supplies from a small trader.
I'm so glad I did as I got a lovely thank you from Alex at and supported a small business!

This is a 'Marving' aftermarket exhaust silencer following only two years of light use!
It's predecessor lasted 25 years and had little or no rust damage at all just had a rotten collector box and I couldn't separate them :)
This kind of thing really annoys me as it certainly wasn't a cheap alternative and, it was looked after in the same way as the original Yamaha one.
I cleaned them up anyway and, I suppose, it'll do for another year.

The latest victim of repackaging and downsizing!
The Mattessons smoked sausage!
What a liberty!
Its tiny now!!

And so it came to pass that the eejit who stripped the Dyson without paying attention managed to get it back to at least looking like a Dyson again!
there are one or two wee bitties left over though :)

Alto , did I mention, the XV535 flew through the MOT test again this year.
I knew rusty mudguards weren't a problem :)

This is what's left after you finally dig your way in to a Dyson Ball DC41 motor!

Somehow I am doubtful this will ever suck again :)
Well over complicated for a Vacuum cleaner!

And, just before that, we went for a wee walk in nearby .

Up the South Bank of the River Inver as it happens.

Took a few snappies.
Here are a few.

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