The end of another perfect day of isolation.
Sunsets don't seem to care much about rules.

Fitted a magtrap to my heating circuit three months ago, following a drain and flush of course, and this is how much debris it has collected already :)

Pie for dinner.
Completely home made
Completely Gluten free.
We are very lucky.

Raptor 1
Blackbird 0

Sparrowhawks have to eat I know but...couldn't it just stick to it's job description?

I'm hoping this can be read properly because its too many words to toot as text :)

Went for a drive last night in a fiesta van.
about an inch of snow lay on the high ground which is nothing to worry about normally.
However, this Van had absolutely no traction at all, no drive and no steering above 15mph!
a terrifying experience all in all.
Turned out it was running Summer tyres on the front and Snow tyres on the rear.
P.S. Not my vehicle and, I survived.

Does anyone know about central heating flow and return temperature readings?
I'm guessing that them being identical means something isn't quite right :)

Our fuel supplies were a wee bit low last week!
15% and I'm supposed to order at 25%
So I ordered!

Breaking news from the land of 20CN broadband.
Must have thrown an extra peat on the fire today!!

A good photographer would have made a masterpiece of this hazy sun over Suilven!
Mine is just a snap sadly :)

During my derring do in the wind today my little bike decided to let me know it was in difficulties by refusing to crank. Starter motor stuck!
Got it freed off and straight into dry dock for repairs :)
Who makes motorcycles without centre stands FFS? (Yamaha)
Starter out, cleaned, lubricated and back in the time it took to make a loaf of bread :)

It appears that my excitement was misplaced.
Here we go again, last 30 hours have been rough.

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