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I don't know who needs to hear this, but to the rest of us, all your thoughts that go uncommunicated are indistinguishable from no thoughts at all.

And even better if you have your own home instance of Nextcloud :)

We have had quite a lot of rain here in Assynt this week, but it's a good thing, because Lexie's Loch is now full of water again.

Not at all, @shakethetreedp has a day off today also so we were late.
We saw you crossing the top of Stoer Green as we were heading up Church road.
Eggs are stashed in our cupboard with grateful thanks.

Relatively minor stuff though, consumables 😀
My rear tracking is out just now and can't be corrected with the current fittings which I had renewed in Clashnessie last year at some expense!
I suspect the end of the road is in sight for the old Honda!
Tyres are holding up OK though.
I'll be putting new discs all round before next MOT so hope it doesn't fail on some hidden horror.

hello im getting therapy on thursday (less than two days from now) and i gotta put a down payment of £180. i currently got £30 in my bank. so i am selling paintings!

dimensions+materials will be in the image descriptions. £25 a pop, but more if you are comfortable to. delivery to most parts of the world is dead cheap, so don't sweat it. :boost_ok: #mastoart

I have a string of 'waterproof' garments hanging over the bath as I type.
Its been a couple of biblical days of rainfall!
That wee fish stayed put though!

Looking at new mobile providers 

I need to review my situation.
I currently pay £17 for 250mb data. But it is a 30 day contract so no tie in... Also..no data 😀

I would say Leo is a very long way from failing an MOT yet!
Wait until he's 17 like our old hulk. Now that's nervous waiting!
Fire on another layer of underseal and cross everything 😁

@fitheach @matt
I can't really remember what happened to be honest. I thought he stood down as F.M.? but I was in my not paying attention phase even then :)
I really only started taking an interest when someone said "Independence"

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