Weirdly, the name of your petition, for a Highland City, is written in German in this toot :)

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Made pizza again tonight and it was one of those rare occasions where the dough turned out to be near perfect!

I also tapped my latest attempt at Imperial Stout and.. YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! I NAILED IT!! (flavour-wise).. By leagues this is my best beer yet, it tastes exactly like I hoped, it's a real Imperial stout, strong-flavoured, thick, oily and both coffee and cacao nib flavour profiles make appearances at different stages of the drink..

What a day to be alive! (In this household specifically)

So, I probably missed the ABV by about 50% but I don't care, I'll work on all that once I start my brewing PgDip programme.. right now, it's all about the flavour and this is banging!

Next beer will be another dark one, thinking a porter and am tempted to see if I can infuse it with dark cherries.. because I do over-confidence better than any other entity, alive or dead in any dimension of the entire universe! .. ahem..

Downloaded this and it wouldn't work for me on a Blackberry Keyone.
I was offered the choice of using untrackme or my usual browser for example and, when I clicked on untrackme I was simply ignored 😁
So, I removed it because it was just an annoyance.
I did want it to work for me and will probably try again at some point.

"Scottish authorities have brought charges against Mark Hirst arising from the Alex Salmond trial. Mark wholeheartedly rejects those charges and plans to mount a legal defence against them. Others, including the former diplomat Craig Murray are also facing associated, although separate action." civillibertyscotland.com/

Today is National Work from Home day

To b e honest I'd love to test this but..it took me so long to set up my, now operational, Nextcloud server added to which, every time I try to tweak it it goes down, I'm afraid to touch it 😁 I think I'll wait for the updater.

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I never did enjoy the Lord of the Flies book, so I felt almost justified when I read about this "real" shipwreck experience of schoolboys on the other side of the world in 1966 (coincidentally, when I too was on the other side of the world, aged 1). theguardian.com/books/2020/m…

Dorell 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ShakeTheTreeDP)

Happy to say, the piper is very, very happy with his new reed (thank you Charlie), and his glued (not leaky any more) bag! 😁🎵🎶 Shame it's snowing.... 😕

Hi Holly,
where do you get this data from? looks bad for the U.S. but then, their healthcare system is wel known for such issues!

My brother sent me this video of a guy placing bets that he can speak your language. Even a gàidhlig speaker pops up!


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