Hey there. I am looking for a short job or some kind of internship (would rather a paid one but meh). I'm finishing my Bachelor (French Licence) this year and I'd like to work a bit somewhere between june and august.
I dont really have a prefered subject nor a speciality since my bachelor is really general. I will continue next year in a Master in HPC but I wouldn't mind doing something else before that.
Ofc It would be full remote since I live in France.
I speak english good enough so that It wont get in the way (I got 8/9 on average at a recent IELTS test).

It really is a bottle in the sea but who knows, I want to be amazed by some Internet magic.

(Boosts appreciated :ablobcatheartsqueeze:​)

@athairbirb All good, we had to drive to Ullapool to get it and I'm a Key worker apparently!
It feels wrong though when the rest of my family are still waiting!

Here's the best of my collection of early morning walk sunrise pictures.

Hahaha, got sidetracked and forgot.
I blame my Covid vaccination, it's made me weak minded.

Oooh, we had this also, just havent got round to posting any!

stand by :)

Did I see you and not notice this?
To quote Victor Meldrew, 'I can't believe it'

What chance have we got when even the Bank can't get it right!
Personal Identification Number

Well done, I'm on the verge of doing so also.
Did you get the 'ultimatum' from Whatsapp though? I certainly didn't, not yet anyway, nor did I get asked to opt in or out of data sharing in 2016 so am wondering why? Is this happening I the U.S. first perhaps?

That's it. Deleted my #WhatsApp data from my personal phone and uninstalled the app

I'm available on #telegram and #signal. Also on WhatsApp on my work number until I can persuade a colleague why we shouldn't be using it...


@athairbirb @fitheach

My kids all fell down that particular rabbit hole. As far as I know their financial situations eventually put paid to that and they are mostly now on Android apart from a couple of surviving apple laptops (how did they ever afford those?)

@jumboshrimp @hubort
I think we have watched that, Social dilemma?
Pretty eye opening stuff.

@fitheach I just love trying new software so have tried most of the desktops available for Ubuntu but, like yourself, have opted for XFce on my laptop.
KDE remains the desktop of choice on the faster desktop mostly because I share that with my wife and she detests change in her tech life, ds it difficult enough :)
I feel that I have achieved enough in weaning her off WIndows :)

Ahh, yes, I didn't make that clear :)
It was hiding under some discarded post and we both searched that particular surface!
it must have been on total silence though because we tried every other app and it remained hidden until I remembered KDE connect!

I know, what's not to like :)
the shared clipboard is a revelation! And having notification pop up on the desktop is miraculous especially when all this two factor authorisation is so widespread now.
Your number is:
Pops up on taskbar :)

This morning my wife lost her phone
It's not responding to calls or messages and we were out for our usual two mile walk in a gale today so we, by now, suspect It fell out of her pocket.
Then I remembered that I had connected both our phones to the computer with KDE connect and that has a 'ring phone' option not related to the current notification settings.
Hello phone 😍
Thanks KDE connect team!

No I found that out too late and didn't know about signal!
I feel it's too early to try ad change again ☺️

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