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Huh, just got the phone line back a couple of days ago and now the broadband service is down the tubes again!
As part of the diagnostic process, would I mind taking the Router out of the circuit and set up a direct PPoE connection through my modem!
talk about learning new skills!
Good thing I have an old ThinkPad running Ubuntu to hand.
Anyway, it made no difference.
Sync speed 7.8Mbps downstream, throughput 1.7Mbps

Well. Who knew fitting a free standing wee Microwave oven would take so long!
thanks to my Kitchen fitters, the socket for the ovens (we used to have a built in Microwave) has been placed slightly below the shelf that the Microwave sits on and os therefore impossible to access.
had to remove the main oven to plug in!

the fabulous @MyHermes web page tells me my parcel is out for delivery today.
since it hasn't turned up yet I thought I'd give them a call.
Don't bother folks, you won't get past the electronic gatekeeper! How frustrating.
I called the retailer and their Hermes web page, on the same tracking number, shows my parcel is not even in Inverness yet!
just as well I didn't take any time off to wait in!

Transfer the remaining Gas to the new tank. Only 20% left thankfully or it may take a while using the wee portable pump they have.

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strange vehicle this one, like an Artic tractor with a conversion for HIAB and a small platform.

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The Brexit Bill?

Scotland: witholds consent

Northern Ireland: witholds consent

Wales: witholds consent

England: we must unite UK. (by ignoring & overruling the needs and wants of 3 of its constituent nations. as usual).

The logic of the tyrant.

Of course an unforseen (?) side effect of this is...can't cook breakfast.

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What a start to a year so far.
We seem to have spent the whole year with 'a man in'!
Window fitters, joiners, scaffolders, plumbers, sometimes more than one trade at a time, (Monty Python voice on) "It's like Piccadilly Circus in here"
Today, the Gas people think that my Tank needs updating!
So here we go again.

those who were paying attention will know that, a few days ago I was attempting to migrate my system drive to a new UEFI motherboard from a previous BIOS based one!
That was no fun!
I almost had it but Ubuntu was running really badly Usually it's windows that throws tantrums!
last night I discovered the problem.
Swap partition not loading. It was 'outside the disk'?
Odd I thought.
Anyway, with help, I edited the partition table and Boom...fully operational again.
Gotta love Guru's on the Net!

if you've never seen then I recommend you switch on and give yourself a treat :)

The need has arisen to migrate my old PC setup to a new Motherboard.
welcome to the UEFI system!

Probably wouldn't be an issue except I like to keep a Dual boot with Windows10 going.
Not sure why, just keeps system knowledge up to date I suppose and...there are a couple of games :)
trying to avoid any reinstallation ends up being much more complicated in the end.

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