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I just went to play Badminton tonight for the first time in well over 30 years!
Guess who's going to be sore in the morning?
Went quite well though!

@jk Hi JK,
I'm a bit confused on two Mastodon things. You said to get in touch if I got lost.
First, Federated timeline! How is it I can see posts in chinese/Japanese/Korean etc when I understood Federated to be people who follow other people on my instance! I can't see any Japanese speakers in .scot so I wouldn't have expected any Japanese posts but, there are plenty.
Second, how did you get that funky new handle? I want one ;)

Ok, I have a serious question about Mastodon.
IF I only see users registered with .scot in my home feed and all those registered with .scot presumably communicate in English (or a version of it) and, in my federated timeline I also see posts from people who these .scot peeps follow or are followed by...(still with me?)
How can I be seeing posts written in Japanese/Korean etc?
Just cannae get my head round that at all?

Further to the 'Next Day Delivery' saga, It transpired that the package wasn't sent until after I contacted the company yesterday. And, even then, it wasn't sent as next day delivery, only first class signed for!
RoyalMail being what they are though, it arrived next day anyway! but not from when I made the purchase. And still no refund of postage being offered!
Ben Nevis Clothing of.....London are the perps here.
I actually thought I was buying from Nevisport but that's another story 😀

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Does anyone know about central heating flow and return temperature readings?
I'm guessing that them being identical means something isn't quite right :)

And I'm also hanging around in here :)
although, I joined .scot initially.
May eventually branch out but it's early days yet.
Toot toot

Flag of Scotland
Flag of European Union
Rather tickled by this response to my question about a package for which I was forced to pay next day delivery and it hasn't turned up:
"Our terms state that next day delivery can take 1 to 2 working days this would take the delivery date till Tuesday 03/03/2020."

Our fuel supplies were a wee bit low last week!
15% and I'm supposed to order at 25%
So I ordered!

<singsPut the lecky off,
the lecky on,
off, on, off, on shake my network up,
we do the ony, offy and we turn around,
that's what a Gale of wind brings
'Your filesystem is not clean, do you want to scan it?, note, this may take some time!"
Thanks SSE

Breaking news from the land of 20CN broadband.
Must have thrown an extra peat on the fire today!!

A good photographer would have made a masterpiece of this hazy sun over Suilven!
Mine is just a snap sadly :)

Further to the new light.
It's ability to detect movement was severely lacking in the functioning department.
I contacted the company (Made in China) and...hooray, they got straight back to me, despite the fact that their web link leads to a dead end.
No effort was made to troubleshoot however and they simply sent out another unit!

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