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The end of another perfect day of isolation.
Sunsets don't seem to care much about rules.

Fitted a magtrap to my heating circuit three months ago, following a drain and flush of course, and this is how much debris it has collected already :)


Our freedom depends on us. It is not something we ask permission for. The hunger for freedom resides in our hearts. We reshape our society if we change our way of thinking. Freedom is not given from the top, it can be given to society from the bottom up.

#Anonymous #HumanRights


Pie for dinner.
Completely home made
Completely Gluten free.
We are very lucky.

'There will be an overlap between those killed by coronavirus and those who would have died in the coming months from other causes' SHOCK: Tom Gordon writes something good!

In the context of COVID, which spreads invisibly through asymptomatic hosts, inaction is a heroic gesture.

For our families and for our friends, we must have the courage to be still.

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Shared via Fedilab 🔗
This is a really good explanation of why Covid-19 is so virulent.

Raptor 1
Blackbird 0

Sparrowhawks have to eat I know but...couldn't it just stick to it's job description?

IMPORTANT: How to use one ventilator to save multiple lives.

Dr. Charlene Babcock explains how to modify 1 ventilator to ventilate 2 or 4 pts simultaneously for .

Pts musts be paralyzed and share same organism+VT+PEEP. This will save lives.

Some vital information from Royal Mail here. 📦 Their covid-contingency plan 📮

I'm hoping this can be read properly because its too many words to toot as text :)

I don't have children to shelter from any mean truth, but this still feels like an approach to the world I understand.

Went for a drive last night in a fiesta van.
about an inch of snow lay on the high ground which is nothing to worry about normally.
However, this Van had absolutely no traction at all, no drive and no steering above 15mph!
a terrifying experience all in all.
Turned out it was running Summer tyres on the front and Snow tyres on the rear.
P.S. Not my vehicle and, I survived.

JKP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺 (@jkpirie)

All this rain coupled with a leaky water pipe on the next door Croft has grown me a natural Garden pond (swamp) I suppose I should get some Carp (Trout) 🔗

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