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I must be doing somethingbrifjt because I had a mail from Google a couple of days back letting me know of the procedure for an unused account and how long before it gets shut down 😀

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Put the old family hack to work today. Gathering other peoples wood trimmings to add to Mrs P's windbreak.
Not my trailer either by the way but a rather nice one as it happens.

Update on progress phone with e foundation software.
I sourced an unofficial image created specifically for my handset, a galaxy S6 edge, based on Android 10.
It works seamlessly apart from issues with the camera app but alternatives work well, I use open cam.

If there are other issues then I haven't yet found them. All my previous apps are available and work other than Google dependant stuff like Google pay and maps etc but, there are alternatives like debit cards and open street maps. 😁

Our nightly monochrome visitor last night. We put the trail camera out because he usually paws at the bird feeders and rips the bottom out, cascading the bird seed for him to eat. Last night he was much better behaved. All this just 3 or 4 metres from our front door.

Imagine a world without opensource, and the only operating system that exists is Windows.

I seriously wonder: would I still be as excited about computers & tech? Would I have moved on and found another profession in life?

Thanks to everyone involved in opensource. I can't repeat this often enough ❤️

On the plus side today, just saved myself £167 by questioning my house insurance renewal quote
Thanks to Oleg I managed to beat them down 😁
Always shop around people!

Those who know Assynt will know The View when you cross Cnoc a' Bhainne and head towards Sròn. This morning it looked like this. The inversion layer that split Suilven continued all the way across towards Bonar Bridge on the east. It was a magical morning.

A drop of local beer both in tonight's meal and in tonights Chef.
With thanks to @withaveeay
The brewer :)

And it doesn't even have to be electronics or devices either. There are lots of things that use plastic today that don't particularly *need* their components to be plastic

I.E. Here's a stapler with all plastic furniture replaced with bamboo

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And now the switch: If you're looking for a #GooglePhotos alternative, Nextcloud is a smart choice in the direction of privacy! @manilabulletin

If you have a younger budding scientist in the house, this RTE article on how Santa's sleigh travels may be of interest "how does the sleigh fly? And does it fly in a sustainable way?" Note the "minor issue" at the end of the piece.

Following a recommendation from a friend on twitter I have just watched Spy with Melissa McCarthy.
Had to wait until the tears of laughter cleared before writing this.
A seriously hilarious piece of work.

"Buying a Knockoff of My Own Dress: An Educated Roast (actual fire used for Scientific Purposes)"
This is laughable finding your own Made in China dress :D

My day gets off to a great start today by the bathroom light switch falling apart in the 'on' position!
luckily the local Chandlery provided the solution in the form of a new ceiling pull light switch, so half an hour of my time and a few tools saw me up and running again.

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