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Mild arachnid violence 

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is a crab spider? I had no idea we had these in the uk!

I was just checking on my flowers when I saw this hover fly in a strange position and then I realised it was being held by this spider! I hope they don’t eat everyone now but I feel kind of proud, I have created habitat!

#arachnid #crabspider #spider #bugs #entomology #florespondece

What do you call a group of eight hobbits? 

A hobbyte.

Some highlights from the Birbcam stream today! First is a Cape White-Eye on the fatballs (a tiny green bird), second and third show the Speckled Mousebirds and their fantastic tails (they're on top of the feeder, and in the bush on the right), and the fourth shows a male and female Cape Weaver (as well as a speckled pigeon and a sparrow).

Does anyone have experience with Refurbished items from Dyson? Refurbished by them.

Boost for reach please.

TIL ‘'windfucker' was once another word for kestrel'

Meaning wind-beater, no having sex with the air.

Susie Dent’s Introduction To Swearing: The F-Word - whynow

Would you be interested in #Tusky on the #Huawei Appgallery?

Option 1, Yes, I'm a Huawei User and I would like it on the Appgallery.
Option 2, No, I'm a Huawei User but I would prefer FDroid.
Option 3, I still want to vote but I'm NOT a Huawei User.

Hi! Are you or a company you work for looking for someone who can do a mix of software engineering, system modeling, computer science/engineering research, technical communication, and teaching? If so, consider hiring me!

I am looking for remote work and interested in solving difficult technical challenges, making systems that are safe, dependable, and correct, communicating results to a variety of audiences, and fun weird abstract math problems.

Resume and CV available upon request; DM me here or email


(Boosts much appreciated!)

Me again. This time with a music cover. There are some masterpieces which are extremely delicate to cover or even try to cover. One of those is undoubtedly Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". But just today I came across an artist who feels like the incarnation of Freddy and made one very special cover. Maybe you know it, maybe you will just enjoy it as much as I did. You'll see.

Marc Martel - Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)

#Music #Queen #MarcMartel #Cover #BohemianRhapsody

I trust you have all signed this particular petition?
As one who has just had to stump up an extra £20 to get some car parts delivered I thought I would get involved...again :)
The rest of Mainland U.K. Free 3 day delivery. Highlands of Scotland, £20 surcharge!

We went from the Turing Test, where a computer tries to convince a human that it is not a computer but a real person, to Captchas, where humans try to convince a computer they're a real person, not a computer.

We've been playing with 'apps'
This is cartoon me 😃
That's some lockdown hair!

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