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Travels with my Panda!
Rothsey to Weymss bay ferry.
All the car alarms go off every time there is a wee motion, its hilarious, and noisy. The Panda is being well behaved and silent, as Pandas are. 😄

Travels with my Panda!
Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute.
Well, the car park anyway! 😬

We thought we would sit out on the deck looking forward.
Then the ferry turned around! Must not be a RoRo ship! Hilarious, at least its warm out of the wind

A day out from Glasgow.
We've headed to Rothsey, Isle of Bute.
Its what you do when you're stuck in Glasgow apparently
Getting ferry tickets in Wemyss Bay station!

Tiny mushrooms (ca. 2-3cm each) among the windy dunes of Spiekeroog island, East Frisia.
That super fine sand is murder on any photo equipment, so a very quick shoot and run. #MacroPhotography #sporespondence

Another years riding stretches out before me.
Hope I get more miles done this year!

So, my usual motorcycle MOT garage has closed due to retirement and no one offering to buy the business 🙁
Today I am trying a new MOT centre which is considerably. Further from home.
I've left way to early of course because I'm not sure of his to find it and have no satnav on my bike 😁
Stopped for lunch at Tarvies.

It's been raining extremely heavily in for around an hour now.
That is a lot of water.
I wonder how close the Pirie boat is to completion?

This has been out there for a while now, but the commentary is still amusing, while making several important points

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