Two climate communication lessons I'm trying to learn.

1) Open with a positive future worth fighting for and then bring the facts. Storming in with the depressing reality makes people freeze up. See: mental contrasting + implementation intentions.

UK pol 

The prick in a suit Grant Shapps just backed himself into a Capitalist black hole.
Yet again misrepresenting how much railway workers are paid he was then pushed on whether he thinks they are overpaid, and tried to suggest that it wasn't fair to pay them more than nurses and to allow Unions to hold everyone to ransom.
Charlie Stait then pounced, saying "then pay nurses more". (waffle response)

Railworkers have better pay & conditions as they have a strong Union who will act.

Musical Memories 

🎵 A hot and windy August afternoon has the trees in constant motion.
The album (Signals) and song that was the soundtrack of my youth. Analog Kid is one of those songs that evokes memories, and I play it every August. I still dream of the faun eyed girl I fell for all those years ago, but this year just feel sad, perhaps knowing the Triumvirate is no more, or perhaps just feeling the possibilities of life that have slipped through my fingers.

#OtD 18 Aug 1945 the Japanese Ministry of the Interior ordered police to set up "sexual comfort stations" for US occupation troops, just before the start of surrender talks. At its height, the state-funded brothels had 70,000 women working.

hey trans people in the uk on the charing cross wait-list

you have less than 30 hours before you're kicked out if you don't fill out this form: it should have been emailed to you.

there is never enough reposting this. boost, fav, spread to other platforms, this is extremely time sensitive.

Interesting freshly published research on the experiences arising from Covid of autistic STAFF in schools - highlighting that there are strong positive as well as negative aspects of working from home, not least the reduced sensory and social overload that many find exhausting on a daily basis.

UK Pol, inflation 

So the official inflation figure is now 10.1%, which means for the poorest the actual squeeze on their limited resources will be more like 25%.
At what point will people in general accept this is driven by government policies, not least Brexit & Capitalism, rather than something unfortunate beyond our ability to address?
The government must be removed, not just their current leader whose departure has enabled them to sit back and play with their share portfolios.

As much as I'm enjoying being able to play a roleplaying game whenever I want, I wish Pathfinder Kingmaker would stop sending me off on missions to kill things and let me get on with building my Barony.

Harvested first strawberry from garden.
A little tart, but the rest will be ripe in the next week, so it's a gamble to leave them a bit longer or pick them before the birds & slugs get them.

Fuel bills 

Just had an email from energy supplier "helpfully" giving me context for the impending price cap rise.

They're making it sound like the regulator is forcing them to put prices up to the limit of the cap (about double price last year), instead of being honest that are ripping the shit out of the perceived situation with opportunistic profiteering.

Don't burn gas, burn gas company executives. Then see how cheap fuel gets.

The right to free period products has become law in Scotland.
Such a milestone, and achieved with good cross-party support too.
"... a social enterprise working to tackle period poverty in the UK, said period products should be as accessible as toilet roll in public bathrooms."

We don’t need to be scared of Trump anymore. We should be terrified by for an authoritarian movement to lock in minority rule, by manipulating election access and the counting of votes. Listen to Theda Skocpol.

In response to the petition asking #Machynlleth Co-op to reopen the front door, they have... removed the bollards to make it easier for wheelchair users to get to the back door. This makes it *less* safe for pedestrians.

Sign here:


global politics 

i will never understand adults who think you can easily split the world up into good countries and bad countries. "X country is bad so Y country (its enemy) is good and anything bad you hear about it is simply propaganda." it's a very cops and robbers mentality, very childlike. and i'm sure it creates a feeling of hope, that there are good places out there and good systems that benefit humanity and eventually the good countries will beat up the bad countries

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I really need to attract a hedgehog into my garden as a permanent resident.
The slugs are winning the me vs aberrations fight.

Bought a new shower isolator pull cord, and with much swearing fitted it.
In the process of screwing the plate back onto the ceiling the nut/hole one of the screws attaches to snapped off, leaving it lopsided, so need to replace the base mount pullcord attaches to.
Not that it matters, it still doesn't fucking work when I trip the switch to power on.

I'm done, fed up with family expecting me to be able to fix electrics, plumbing, cars, etc. I have zero aptitude for this stuff.

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