For UK #blackhistorymonth , it's worth knowing about this remarkable man: James McCune Smith, noted as the "first African American to receive a medical doctorate from a university" and that university, surprisingly enough, was Glasgow University. Someone had to be the first, but his notability does not end there.

Worth taking 20 minutes to read about this tale of someone fighting injustice not only on his own behalf, but to help other Scots.

quote observation 

Jesus said the meek shall inherit the Earth.
Even 2000 years ago people could see capitalists would turn the planet into a burnt-out crock of shit nobody else would want.

UK pol 

There are many Tories in favour of corporal punishment as a deterrent to the criminal underclass. Bring back hanging they say.
I'm all for that if we accept that the most criminal class are those known as Tories.
Hang 'em high!

#OtD 30 Sep 1919 compositors and pressmen working at The Daily Sketch newspaper in London, UK refused to print the paper until an editorial criticising an ongoing railway strike was deleted.

❄ the Ætherglow fandom is dying, repost if you’re a real Glowie

UK Pol, violence 

I'm feeling the Hellmouth that is the UK is days away from somebody taking unilateral action and just going at the Westminster cabinet with a machine gun.
My only comment -
Can you fucking hurry up!

uk pol, "define interesting" 

surely by the end of a whole bunch of interviews, all of which went more or less the same way, it was becoming clear to Truss that she had - not to put too fine a point on it - UTTERLY, MONUMENTALLY FUCKED UP THE ENTIRE ECONOMY... pretty much as her very first action in office?

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dream, unofficial theology 

I dreamed I asked someone in a church why Christianity is so obsessed with being seated at God's right hand. Why not the other hand?

She sadly explained that many years back, God had a stroke and isn't really aware of His left side.

Got back from nursery drop-off to discover somebody else in the house had been bitten by a small black fly, but they were quicker to swat the little bastard.
So I wasn't going insane or having a hyper-neuro sensitivity to a fly landing on me. The thing really was out for blood.
Hope there aren't any more, my skin now feels crawly.

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Damn fly is back this morning landing on my foot like a tiny stabby attack drone.
Definitely something dodgy about it

So... looks like parts of Florida is getting wiped off the map by a tropical storm. Wonder when things are going to get real enough that affected people start realising that their misery is due to their own (and others') behaviour, including most of the world's biggest, most influential corporations. Wonder what'll happen then.

uk pol 

i mean, one thing you can be sure of - Truss has earned her place in the history books. within just three weeks of taking power, she's seen off both the reigning monarch and the economy. that's... an unbeatable record.

Y’know… I have to question anyone who thinks this massive lurch towards the right over the last decade or so *wasn’t* due in large part to centrists themselves supporting the right in order to spite everyone to the left of them.

Are there biting flies in the UK that look more or less like ordinary houseflies?
I'm not talking about big horseflies, I've seen them.
I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my toe, and when I took my croc shoe off there was a fly sitting at that spot on my foot, and flew off when I flapped at it.
We've been plagued with flies in the past few days, and they keep landing on us, but as much as I hate flies buzzing past this is the first time I felt it was more than just an irritating insect.

US storm 

Is there any prospect of the massive storm approaching Florida directly striking Mar-a-lago and plucking Trump out of his golf cart before dropping him on the Whitehouse lawn from 1000's of feet in the air?
That would be awesome Karma.

Pathfinder PC game 

Welp, why is everybody so determined to pick a fight.
Got into a 3-way between a devil worshipping pirate & a posse of devil worshipping Hellknights.
All because I picked the dialogue option "Can't we settle this peacefully".
It seems some folk just want to rumble.
So I sent the Hellknights to visit their god, then the smarmy pirate said thanks and got ready to walk. At which point I got Lawful Good on his criminal arse too.
Hopefully the loot will smooth any diplomatic mess.

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