I've got an animated short film out. It's a dark adaptation of an Orcadian folk tale.

This was made with free and open source software and distributed via PeerTube on a Pay What You Want model, so watch freely and support my work only if you feel like it.


Power For Us

Broad Shoulders of Britain. Our Precious Union. We Love You. Better Together. T-Shirts. No Thanks.


Fiona Grahame and I have an illustrated history book out called Rebel Orkney. It covers 900 years worth of uprisings, from Vikings to pirates to uranium mines. Available worldwide from all good book shops!

I see the Saxe-Coburg and Gothas have run out of phylactery counters

There are as many honest politicians as there are unicorns, and as much chance of them delivering Scottish independence as establishing a colony on the moon.

I didn't know that Orkney was once invaded by the English Navy in a failed bid to seize our fishing grounds.

It's ironic now that England does control Scottish fishing rights but regards it as a disposable asset. Fishing makes up 0.1% of the UK economy, and most of that in Scottish waters - only a fool would believe the investment banker gangsters in London give a rat's arse about it.

The day after Black Friday is Fair Saturday, and we are having an exhibition about the Rousay Clearances.

How does an island go from having 1118 people to 200? Don't ask Neil Oliver.


At the Orkney News we are currently researching the Rousay Clearances. Thoughts immediately turn to the long-haired British Nationalist ethnic cleansing denier.

I half expected some problems with the police yesterday, but ended up receiving confession! Life is full of surprises

Portrait of James VI with the head Patrick Stewart. You come at the King, you best not miss.


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