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If you've been wondering what's happened to Nadhim Zawahi lately, here's a story you won't read anywhere else.

Here's a link to my new about navel-gazing .

I've been trying to use PeerTube for this stuff but instances keep closing on me. It's great that it's decentralised and open source but relying on other people's servers just doesn't seem viable. YouTube it is for now.

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Quebec.. . fuel poverty is at 7%, compared to an estimated 44% in Orkney after the April 2022 price cap rise, against a Scottish average of 36%. It has been estimated that 61.5% of Scottish households could be in fuel poverty as a result of the energy price cap hikes of October 2022 and January 2023.

I've got an animated short film out. It's a dark adaptation of an Orcadian folk tale.

This was made with free and open source software and distributed via PeerTube on a Pay What You Want model, so watch freely and support my work only if you feel like it.

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Important notice:

There is a #bug in Inkscape 1.2 that could destroy gradients, clips/masks, symbols, swatches & clones in a drawing.

You'll only notice it happened after saving file & later opening it again.

To work around this bug DO NOT use copy-paste while the Export dialog is open!

For more details on the bug, head here:

The bug will be fixed in Inkscape 1.2.1 (a fix is already available in the development ('master') branch).

#inkscape #bugwarning

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You are, at best, temporarily able-bodied.

Build the society that will help you survive when your body is no longer able.

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@mathcampbell That's cool. I worked in the jewellery industry for several years and as I recall getting bright red enamel was a challenge, especially on gold.

Power For Us

Broad Shoulders of Britain. Our Precious Union. We Love You. Better Together. T-Shirts. No Thanks.

Interview with Craig Murray. Apparently he's had the police round and he's only been out a week. Intimidation?

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Wow, active travel was not even on the agenda at . Bicycles were not allowed in the venue and most of the delegates "don't even consider walking a mode of transport". Bleak stuff from Carlton Reid:

The new Ministry video is pretty creative. I wonder how many people are just freaked out by the world we live in.

Here's an interview I did with musician and composer Erland Cooper about the poet George Mackay Brown and other things, such as deleting digital masters and burying tapes in the ground.

I think it turned out ok considering I had under 5 minutes of video footage to work with and less than 1 day to put the whole thing together!

Fiona Grahame and I have an illustrated history book out called Rebel Orkney. It covers 900 years worth of uprisings, from Vikings to pirates to uranium mines. Available worldwide from all good book shops!

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