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I see the Saxe-Coburg and Gothas have run out of phylactery counters

There are as many honest politicians as there are unicorns, and as much chance of them delivering Scottish independence as establishing a colony on the moon.

Here's a pretty decent article on Craig Murray's conviction and what it might mean for freedom of the press.

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So Salmond was found innocent and the only person actually present in court to report his defence looks about to be sent to jail.

Meanwhile perjurers and journalists biased towards "the complainers" who by the same token are also in contempt of court aren't even questioned.

This is an absolute travesty.

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The NYTimes has lost all control over the Cooking Community Facebook group they created and so instead of moderating it they've decided to completely abandon the 77,000 member group to its own recognizance and take their name off of it. Which is somehow absolutely hilarious to me

What’s the German word for “delighting in the low-stakes chaos and implosion of a 77,000 member Facebook group?”

Post-ironic Salmond Love: a portrait of Alex Salmond I made 7 years ago as a joke. Not sure it's a joke anymore.

What's happened in Scotland looks similar to what the British did in Guyana.

The Scottish Government has been hollowed out from within. Our legal system has been corrupted and people are being subjected to malicious legal persecution. Our Parliament has been undermined. Its days are surely numbered. Any pretense of a legal route to independence has been taken away from us. We have no media of our own.

There was no way Westminster was ever going to let an oil rich country go.

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I didn't know that Orkney was once invaded by the English Navy in a failed bid to seize our fishing grounds.

It's ironic now that England does control Scottish fishing rights but regards it as a disposable asset. Fishing makes up 0.1% of the UK economy, and most of that in Scottish waters - only a fool would believe the investment banker gangsters in London give a rat's arse about it.

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Where does the time go? Here's a small preview of an animation I have been working on.

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That's it. The Sun is now heading back towards Clachtoll, widely acknowledged as the Centre of the (known) Universe

The day after Black Friday is Fair Saturday, and we are having an exhibition about the Rousay Clearances.

How does an island go from having 1118 people to 200? Don't ask Neil Oliver.

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