4/4 “And so completely had Scottish opinion, or perhaps Scottish interests changed, that the Peers present were equally divided, and the motion for repeal of the Union was only lost by four proxies.” #RepealTheUnion

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Joanna Cherry fast becoming the de facto leader of the independence movement within the SNP.

Good letter this: “...what many of us don’t understand is the tactic of the endlessly pleading supplicant, which is both demeaning and prejudicial to a strong negotiating position” #ScotNational

Costs from Police Scotland for policing Glasgow marches.

(a) The AUOB march (11/1/20). £57,124.00

(b) The Boyne parade (6/7/19). £125,852.96

(c) The Cairde Na Heireann and (IRPWA) parades (7/9/19). £176,439.00


Very interesting presentation by Business For Scotland at their launch event. Big thanks to Independence Live for covering the event for those of us who couldn't be there or didn't know about it.

Treated myself to a wee gift pack to help the cause. You can too, at:

This petition is going around twitter, if you haven't seen it. This guy hits dogs as a form of training, he pretends to be a qualified trainer but he's not & this petition is to try & prevent him doing a seminar in Scotland. This is the link if anyone is interested in signing & hasn't already done so.


@Broon UK really doesn’t care. It views the SNP as a light touch. Statements such as these are good but unless backed up by action (withdrawal of representation) they’ll have zero effect. “You will be aware that the Scottish Government fundamentally disagreed with the way additional funding was provided for Northern Ireland as part of the deal reached with the DUP in 2017, and that issue is yet to be resolved...”

Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need

All homeless receive a small apartment and counselling – without any preconditions. 4/5 people a make their way back into a stable life.
All this is cheaper than accepting homelessness.


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