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I have a few Followers I can't follow back. Looks like they have moved to What's the difference?

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A small but I think valuable piece of advice for new folks coming from twitter.. Make frequent use of mute, block and report.. there are no algorithms here that decide what you do and do not see, you curate your own experience.

instance (server) admins in general want to provide a welcoming and safe place so will usually investigate and respond to reports.. but are usually volunteers etc. We miss things if we are offline.

Also, if you didn't arrive en masse as part of a semi-organised movement and are not sure who to follow etc. check out trunk..

Take your time to get used the differences between here and twitter.. there's no rush ;)
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Here we all are. Trying to figure out this thing. Ma Heidi's pounding and ma phones going bonkers.

Let's see what happens here

Who's up for Glesga on the 11th January

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If you're new - like me - to Scottish Mastodon, welcome! Thanks for the follow. This platform is a bit more 'clunky' than we are used to, but it offers us far more security than we have on Twitter and Facebook. There is less censorship and you have to work much harder to get booted out. This is where we can mobilise in peace.

We have a revolution to get started. Saor Alba a-nis! #Scotland

I'm just trying to follow as many people as I can but I have no idea what I'm doing 😭😂

This is a Mastodon instance primarily intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish.