Is this place just Twitter mark 2 or are we going to change the world

Well done Better together Neil ? .. this is what happens when we believe in the union

A letter from mrs uneducated

Letters: 'If Scotland becomes independent they will not have access to our NHS and will have to build their own' | The Northern Echo

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So, job done.

A little homage to the whole indy movement and especially the yes bikers and all of the indy dugs.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a peaceful new year.. enjoy the the break and recharge the batteries and get ourselves set for a big next year

Thanks for all your the tips to survive Christmas food shopping.. happy to report we are home safe with not even a raised voice and the main thing we are still speaking

My wife just told me we’re going Christmas food shopping today☹️.. any tips to how to survive it without falling out

Anyone know What is the best Mastodon App for iPhone ?

Hi folks heard a bit about Mastodon (will take a bit of time to get used to the name) and thought I would sign up and check out what it's all about, so is there anything big happening in 2020? that I should know about ?

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