So the UK government have done a complete about-face re the threat from COVID 19. From laissez faire to draconian in the space of 24 hours...

Six year old story, but nothing has changed - Tory MP admits "we are all corrupt".

If anything, they are even worse now...

Where do the English find their MPs? This one wants to ban the SNP from taking part in UK-wide debates because they are not a UK-wide party.

Along with the LibDems, her own flipping Labour party aren't UK-wide either - neither of them contest seats in Northern Ireland.

What a numpty...

The not-so-Priti Patel waffling about 'counter-terrorist offenders'.

Anyone know what a counter-terrorist offender is?

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hey guys its my birthday can i get some boosts

More from the Brexiteer Brains Trust - this time Stacey and Tracey from London.

The level of ignorance is truly staggering.☹️

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If you need a wee smile after the FM's speech today watch "Brandy in the Airigh" by the famous Peat & Diesel from Stornoway town! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🙂

Nasty Tory gets nasty shock when her Nasty Party turn nasty on her.

As Tories go in Scotland, she's one of the nastiest. What's surprising is that she didn't realise they do it to their own.

Can you believe this?
After naming their dog Brexit, this couple have decided to name their newborn son Brexit too.

He's going to go through life known as Brexit Staines...


Now I'm not saying that Alex Cole-Hamilton is a liar - but look at the creases on that flag. There's no way it's been hanging there for 4 years - it's straight out of the packet, probably 5 minutes before he posted the tweet.

This suggests that the foreign Tories in Westminster have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Health in Scotland.

But I guess we all know that already...😂

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