My New Year gut feeling.
I would like to say I was excited about going into the new decade. But I see no promise o ly words
Brexit seems more certain than indiref 2. For all Nicholas's words the conviction is not there. SNP MP's are all preaching caution.
There is a glimmer of hope in the surfacing of a people's party to fight H/rood elections 2021, for the list vote.
I would have liked this not to be needed but I feel it will be, and won't get the backing of the party.
Have a Guid New Year.

@ProfJWR we export half of all the electricity generated in #Wales to England

Where UK will be when it's done and dusted. Via Twitter thestephenralph

looks like the media will be all over Scotland again in the new year as they try to justify the UKGovs position to refuse us

Still trying to work out how to use this place, but happy to be here. Merry Christmas a'body! 🎄🎉❄️✨🎄

Here is a note for people still using the Web interface.
Did you know you can quickly get emojis without clicking the smiley icon - by typing : and then the word eg : santa or : christmas (without the spaces)
hope this helps - this is your Christmas present haha

I haven't a clue what I'm doing on mastodon. I have followed links from followers on twitter, and it seems there are multiple indy (servers) groups. So I have more than one group or whatever. Just not getting this at all. So different from twitter and facebook.

Hi Folks, finally got on here! I will follow as many of you as I can but still trying to figure it out. Aw the best ;)

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