Jeez. 1st Raab lying on Marr about Scotland, then Liebour muppet McDonnelbsaying the same. Usual BBC dont have anyone from Scotland to counter these lies. No wonder the BBC are the leading propaganda outfit on the planet. Shocking Broadcasting abd its only going to get worse !!
I would like to see how the SNP respond to this as I dont see any change towards msm by them🤔

BBC News
Dodgy Prince wont answer questions to FBI - Nothing strange their with the track record of Royals

Basketball player for 2 days running where 99% of population have never heard off is headline news.

100% of People on these Isles have phone manufactured in China or Korea but seems to be big issue if Chinese firm run 5G because Dodgy US President doesn't like it.

Looks like we have become an American Colony but nobody told us🤔

The question people should be asking is, not whether Scotland could survive as an independent nation, but whether Scotland can survive as a nation without independence.

So the yoons keep on going about the Generation shit. This is my way round it
Each MSP revokes the party membership and states that they stand as an Independent MSP whose aim is to gain Indrpendence. They force Holyrood to hold elections immediately with each candidate standing as Independent. That way we get more seats as we beat the voting system. The Tories might be biggest party but they cant get enough seats to outvote the Independent Msps. New MSPs declare Referendum. WM can do nothing🤔

So clyde properties are anti-independence keep sharing this information folks far and wide. Please see the screenshot below. They posted this then deleted it.. Too late though it was seen far and wide.

Royal Family disgusted that Harry & Meghan want to be financially independent and not beholden to the State whilst still living in Royal grounds

In other news Benefit claimant weeps with the news 🤔

What a bunch of parasites😱

Have you pledged yet?
"The Scottish People versus The UK Government on ".

QC is Aiden O'Neil the same QC who took on the Prorogation case.

ALL monies go direct to the Solicitors IF they hit the target.

You ask about a 'Plan B', well here it is!

Projected 3 YEAR DELAY, £2 BILLION OVER budget but not a word of the Conservative UK Government. BBC Scotland can advise on 'Misery for commuters' or Yousaf must resign!' headlines.

The BBC have apparently deleted this video of Priti Patel stating the government are not to blame for poverty.

Here it is, just in case...

@Paula_Rose @amestaper @Newburghgowfer @GlennCoutts
They'll just trot out their line about it being illegal blah blah blah if you vote SNP in huge numbers Westminster will be bound to cave in etc etc etc 💤 BUT if you vote for anyone else the big bad unionists will form the government. Rinse repeat frequently...

Next time a yoon goes on about the Union ask him this
What date was it signed and formed ?
Why was their not any celebrations in 1707, 1807, 1907, 2007
If its such an important event in their eyes why isnt it a National Holiday!!
Not 1 will answer and will be stumped when you ask about the anniversary celebrations.
I dont know why the SNP browbeat the yoons with this🤔

OK, just arrived here. Indy Supporter, and looking for a few folk to follow.

I have 2 accounts. 1 on social and now 1 on Scot. I just dont get how to export followers as these fat fingers just doesnt get it so I am just going to add people as I go along

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