Had the Gammon joint which was delivered by mistake, for dinner.

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What squirrel will they use to take the plebs' mind off Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown?
Methinks Prince Philip better watch his back.

Watch "The Floppotron - Star Wars theme on 64 Floppy Drives" on YouTube 

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Our 'Treaty of Union Articles' chptr, 'Financial Cost to Scotland of the Union,' cites a 'Scottish Review' art. (Oct, 1889) I was set on getting my hands on, the Marquis of Bute's 'Parliament In Scotland.' It's available nowhere but big libraries. A Patron just stepped up in a big way and sent us this set of 'Scottish Review' volumes which includes that cited.

I'll get it typed up 😉


It also came with a slip of paper... Strange thing to end up between the books 🤔

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Tae save folk searching through the chapter, if that way inclined, for the quote from the 'Scottish Review' (Oct, 1889), here it is with footnote.

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Funny how Dominic Cummings isn't trending on Twitter. It's almost as if an ex-member of the 77th brigade was in charge of it? 🤔

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Alexa, give me an example of karma. Trouble is, this fuckwit and his wife are now wasting hospital resources. Hope he's got plenty of medical insurance? 

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