Why is this being allowed to happen. Why have the Scottish government allowing this to happen. Arming the area around Faslane to prevent an independent Scotland closing it. t.co/5DU4bHuDmd

"The time has come for Scottish Independence. With a referendum denied by no fault of ours, we must seize the moment and take the Independence for which they will not let us vote."
How do we do this I hear you ask?
Westminster Cannot Block Scottish Independence: craigmurray.org.uk/archives/20 - via:@CraigMurrayOrg

31st Jan 2020: UK leaves the EU
1st Feb 2020: EU - now unencumbered by need to be diplomatic with UKGov - offers Scotland fast-track guarranteed EU membership
2nd Feb 2020: poll shows 55% of Scots want indy.

My New Year gut feeling.
I would like to say I was excited about going into the new decade. But I see no promise o ly words
Brexit seems more certain than indiref 2. For all Nicholas's words the conviction is not there. SNP MP's are all preaching caution.
There is a glimmer of hope in the surfacing of a people's party to fight H/rood elections 2021, for the list vote.
I would have liked this not to be needed but I feel it will be, and won't get the backing of the party.
Have a Guid New Year.


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