To all my fellow tooters and any one else that catches this on a boost toote.

Anyone who believes schemers in London can do better for the people of Scotland than Scots in Edinburgh hasn’t been paying attention—for a very long time.

It is very hard to understand how Scots can support the Union. It’s out of comfort, ignorance, fear, or greed because it can’t be from a clear-eyed look at the facts and logic of the Union.

The only other explanation is that they truly “feel British” and to them Scottish is the same as being from Liverpool.

But that’s not good enough.

Our nightly pine marten visits are like clockwork now. We're going to need more peanuts...

Later on last night, our old friend the badger came around, looking for the scraps the pine marten may have left.

If ye've no yet, get yer subscriptions in to iScotMag & support their Crowdfunder, if ye can 😉

They do great work and highlight information, contemporary & historical, that all Scots should know.

RSH's artist, Alex, has done this month's 5th Anniversary edition cover, as well as having his on last month's.

I also cannae fault them for beings fans of 😉

They do a great wee PocketMags version too.

Can anyone tell me how much it would cost for the day at Aveimore car park?

Look at aww the migrants. Boris and Fartage will be foaming at the mooth!

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