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Anyone been on twitter recently - is it still nuts?

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Insomnia - anyways downloaded app to phone - clever me.

Absolutely fascinating that given the choice half of Scotland would still prefer the English electorate to decide who makes the major economic decisions.

Even though presuming they know anything about it - what suits the English economy is detrimental to the Scottish economy.

Love is blind at times and people will vote against their own interests - they actually vote to self-harm.

Long periods of not much happening here or am I missing a trick?

I've never met a dumb poet - let me clarify - I have never met a poet who is not intellectually sound. I've met many a lyricist whose intellect I find wanting but a poet no - any you know of?

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Although suspended from twitter I an still of course see what is going on.
The trans issue is still going full tilt and still full of confusion as to what the issues are.
The denial of science, the appropriation and misuse of words is really not helping.
What exactly does "trans" mean - Stonewall's definition is so wide that it seems to me it does all those it covers a disservice.

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More of a question than an answer but I can't see the logic of not wanting autonomy if one is concerned about climate change or removing the extreme right from power.

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