‘While it is not possible to conclude conclusively that there is or is not a bullying culture in NHSH, it may be possible to conclude that the majority (sic) of employees of NHSH have not experienced bullying as such.’ talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2019/

Misprint surely? Derek Mackay applauded after 'imperial masters' jibe at UK Government.

No mention of Scotland but this is based on an 83% increase in electricity transfers from Scotland to England to a staggering 25 THOUSAND gigawatt hours. ONE gigawatt hour is a BILLION watts and enough to power 725 000 homes. assets.publishing.service.gov.

I wanted to finish the year on a note of optimism but this sad resentful out-of-touch old git working for a Tory think-tank keeps popping up in the Herald, to bleat, blind to the real achievements in Scotland's schools, after 11 years of SNP Government.

6.2% on top of nowhere near enough to support a family is still nowhere near enough to support a family.

Colourful Brexit MEP for North-east England, living in France, knows diddley about education but Scotsman give him space. See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Mo

Should that be 'Scottish Government slams ‘complacent’ MoD over Trident convoy safety lapses'?

No, only 616 out of more than 18 THOUSAND did. Herald (and BBC) headline a survey that would fail a Primary 5 project.

Review of 'journalism': Tales of two former newspapers as Glasgow Herald and Edinburgh Scotsman both made up crises in hospitals and colluded with opposition parties to try to topple Health Secretary of best NHS in UK and beyond.

Bad journalism with Individual cases of suffering headlined as UK government denies solutions and SNP Government does what it can with target-breaking treatment programmes: talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2019/

Explicit in the manifesto and winning 80% of the seats but Brian Wilson says no - oh, just go away Brian.

Revealed: Prestwick airport makes £53 000 for SG from MoD.


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